tray tables


tray tables are all the craze lately.  they’ve come a long way from the old school tv tray tables. 

i can remember eating off of one that was almost identical to the one below at my grandmother’s home. 

they aren’t used only for eating anymore.  they’ve become more decorative.  i just used a long narrow one in a master sitting area.

tray table

i purchased this table from for just under $150, and i couldn’t have been more happy with it. 

the great thing about tray tables is that they work in any home, and they are so small that they fit just about anywhere. 

when i was on the search for a tray table for the project above i came a across some other great tray tables.

this round tray table (only $75) is also from overstock and i love the ring detail on the front.  i also recently saw a pair of very similar ones at marshall’s for half the price. 

i liked this ebony finished faux bamboo table too ($129)

also comes in round ($105)

in a more modern home these modern tray tables from west elm would be perfect. ($39-$179)

Butler Trays + Stands

display your barware, liquor and wine on the tray table below from cb2 ($50)

imagemontego bay table from ballard designs ($199)

go big with this indoor/outdoor coffee table style tray table from pottery barn ($399)

Moroccan Tray Table, Antique Bronze finish

i was surprised to find such a great looking rustic tray table at wal-mart ($139)

and they’re not just for adults.  check out these colorful tray tables for the youngsters from pbteen. ($39) 

Take Along Table


  1. Oh yeah, I'm completely loving all of these. The thing is you can use them for so many different things. I love it!
    Lila Ferraro

  2. I am an absolute freak for little tray tables - so handy, and so fun! Yes, they aren't what they use to be!

  3. i SO remember those trays from my grandma's, except she had the faux wood ones. so chic, lol!

  4. Vignette in master looks great and I love those little round trays, too!


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