artist trifecta scavenger hunt winner


on friday night billy and i attended a gallery opening for the artist trifecta scavenger hunt winners.  the castleberry hill gallery artist trifecta held a photographic scavenger hunt a few weeks ago.  artists were given a series of items to “find” and they had to interpret these items, photograph, edit and return them within a short length of time.  the time limit was something crazy like 9 hours. 

atlanta photographer and blogger blayne beacham of this photographer’s life took home the grand prize!  it was no surprise to me that blayne won.  blayne just did a guest blog for charm home a few weeks ago (here’s the link in case you missed it).  if you haven’t seen her work you definitely have to check it out on her blog.  i’ve raved about her interior photography before but she seriously blew billy and me away with her scavenger hunt series. 

here is a sampling of photos that i took at the show of her work but you can view better images on her blog here.

a picture of me with blayne after her big win!

among the people in attendance were a few atlanta design bloggers.  from left to right:  niki mcneill of single bubble pop, claire watkins of high gloss blue, me, terry kerns of architecture tourist.

P1020936-2010-07-09-Castleberry-Stroll-Artist-Trifecta-Niki-Claire-Cristi-Terry by clambake444.

{photo by terry kerns}

it was great to see everyone out supporting one of our own. 

a big congratulations to blayne!!

way to go!


  1. How cool! Congrats to Blayne! She was so kind at the Crave event. Strikes me as a genuinely nice person!

  2. How sensational. Great post Christi, and GREAT work Blayne!

  3. Congrats to Blayne. Christi, I'm glad you posted a picture of the woman surrounded by the blurry dancers. It's one I particularly remember.

  4. I'm still so excited for her! Blayne's talent & drive is such an inspiration for me, glad to know her!

  5. Cristi, Oh my gals from Atlanta are all so cute!! I loved seeing you at the party (and of course enjoyed reading about Blayne scoring the prize) but most fun was seeing how sweet and cute and hot you all are!! You atlanta gals ROCK!!

  6. oh my goodness! this is so wonderful. I cannot get over the outpouring of support from all my blogging friends. truly unbelievable. I went back to the gallery last night and I think we are going to have another private reception if you want to come :). this is such a beautiful post, and I so appreciate it. I love the watermark you put o. the pictures.... they are blue like my cool scheme :). thanks for being a great friend!


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