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hi everyone!

this week is going to be a little different here at charmhomebilly and i left town saturday morning to take a much needed vacation.  we are now in charleston, sc, which is one of our favorite places to be on earth.  we couldn’t be more excited about spending time with our friend kevin, relaxing on the beach and eating yummy seafood.  well, actually i’m way more excited about the seafood than billy is (billy doesn’t like seafood), but you get the point.

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anywhoo, since i’m relaxing in the sun i’ve decided to have a couple of guest bloggers over to post at my blog so that you have some entertainment.  i’ll be back thursday and friday with new posts but today and tomorrow you’ll get to meet some new faces.

This Photographer\

first up, miss blayne beacham from this photographer’s life.  blayne and i met last year shortly after i discovered her blog and became obsessed with her interior photography.  once we met we were instant friends.  at the age of 26, she has quite a portfolio under her belt.  she has photographed some of the most amazing homes in the atlanta area.  not only is blayne super-talented but she’s such a sweetheart.  her stories always make me smile. 

since blayne’s blog is mainly devoted to photography, she hasn’t been able to share many stories about her chickens.  {no, you didn’t read that wrong. I did say chickens.}  she also hasn’t been able to share any photos of her newly redesigned home.  when we started talking about what she should do the guest blog about i was so excited when she wanted to blog about her home and her chickens. 

i hope you all enjoy blayne’s post!  be sure to check out her site if you haven’t already.  you’ll be floored by her amazing interior photography.

xo, Cristi


Stop waiting and just do it + Meet my chickens

Hey Guys!  I spend so much time photographing other people’s houses, that I jumped at the chance to photograph my own.  Thank you so much Cristi for giving me that opportunity.

I bought this house three years ago, and at the very least I can say it has been a labor of love.  We have moved the furniture into so many arrangements you would not believe it.  Finally I gave up and decided I needed a professional interior designer’s help but I had no idea how much it would cost!  After months of procrastinating and feeling like I couldn’t do it myself, I snapped.  I just decided it had to be done and no matter what I would do it myself.  No more living in a half finished place and waiting for someone to bail me out.  I only had $1500 to spend and one weekend to do it.  If you are afraid of changing your space because you don’t know exactly how it with turn out, I say JUST DO IT!

Living RoomSo here it is .  This is the living room.  Before this was so cluttered.  We had the TV in here, but it was so far away from the sofa we wouldn’t see it.  We ended up never watching TV or using the room.


And this is Sister.  How cute is she?  This is her favorite chair ☺

Front Door

Here is the entryway.  I wanted to put that piece of furniture there because I always want a place to put mail and keys as soon as I walk in the door.


The two paintings were figure studies I did in high school.  They were rolled up behind the couch, but my interior design friend came over and thought they would be great in the house.  She got them framed for me, and we hung them here.  Do you like them?  The piece of art on the right side is a piece from my dress series.  It is printed on a metallic surface, so it almost acts as a mirror.

TV Room

Here is the new room we created.  We hung the curtains in the back to block off my studio space, which had been spilling out into the room.  We bought these two leather chairs from IKEA for like $200 a piece, and the table came from Scotts for $100.


So here is the bookshelf that was a thorn in my side forever.  I literally had a brain block about how to arrange them.  I got some motivation from the new Sex and the City movie.  I loved how everything was in the same color scheme, and since I hat tons of green stuff I just went with it.   A lot of this art I did, and a lot is from my friends Kenson and Melissa Payne Baker.

Dining Mantel

I got this mantel from a house we sold three years ago!  It was this beautiful home that was built in the 20s.  This mantel was left after a garage sale, and they were going to send it to goodwill.  I was so excited to take it off their hands.  I do not actually have a fireplace, so this mantel was leaning against the wall for the past three years.  Literally.  I had no idea what to do with it.  I asked my friend Laura from L. Green Studios, and she suggested putting a large antiqued mirror in the place where the fireplace would have been, I waited and waited to find the perfect mirror, but they were all so expensive.  These are those square mirrors from IKEA.  I really like how they look.  What do you guys think?  The art above the mantel is from my dress series.


And finally, this is the master.  Until a few weeks ago I was sleeping on a mattress and box springs.  I had been looking for a white Lenin bed and a white comforter for so long. I also found this bed at IKEA.  I think it works for a few years.  It’s not exactly what I want, but it sure beats the box spings!  I am thinking of getting a huge fluffy blue comforter to go at the foot of the bed.

Chicken Coop

And finally, here is the chicken coop.  I got Easter chickens, and they are big now.  We built this coop from scratch, and I just love it!

Egg collecting space

This is where I will be gathering eggs in just a few days!

Chickens 1

Here are the chickens!  Their names are Moose (a girl), Alice and Sally George.  They are very nice and just sort of hang out and roost all day.

Blayne and Moose

Thank you so much Cristi!

If you guys want to hear more about my adventures, please come on over and visit me at my blog,


blayne, thanks so much for sharing your newly decorated space and for introducing us to your chickens.  your home looks so lovely.  i know you have to be so proud of what you’ve done to it!


  1. I like the big space, lots of breathing room. Every time I see leather chairs like yours I get the urge to sit in them and I usually do. Thanks for introducing us to Sally-G, and Alice, and Moose(-ette).

  2. Hi Blayne - Loving the chickens and your house looks great. Good for you - just getting it done must make you feel great!

  3. Nice home! And chickens? Wow! I am afraid of birds (really), so I don't know about the chicken part, but it is cool to own some!

  4. Blayne - such a nice change to get to see your home. It's as gorgeous as I imagined it would be. And your chickens are all grown up now! Seems like only yesterday you were tweeting (tee hee) about your new chicks!

  5. I am a fan of Blaynes photography so it is great to see her home. Absolutely lovely! Thanks for sharing.
    xo, Sherry

  6. Thanks guys!!! I was kind of nervous about showing my own house, but now that it's up I love it!

  7. Thanks so much for showing us around your place. I think you probably know that seeing other people's home is my favorite thing in the world. It looks really cozy and love your color palette. And I bet I've rearranged the furniture in my house more than you! :)

  8. Blayne, what a treat to see your home and 'meet' your chickens! Love your great use of art throughout your home, and your master bedroom is so pretty!

  9. Love your chickens!! My husband wants some, so I will have to send this to him. Also, love your house!

  10. Your house looks so bright! I love it.
    How much maintenance are those chickens!?
    And Sister is too cute, I bet she's a sweetie ;)

  11. Blayne's home is fantastic. When I was her age I was so far from having a home that beautiful. She is ahead of her time. Thank you Blayne for sharing your personal space with all of us! :-)

  12. I love it all! What is Scotts and where(where you said you got your coffee table for $100)? Your coffee table is fantastic. Love it!

  13. Wow, the house is full of light and positive brightness. Amazing job!

  14. Love each and everything about the place.


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