i’m in need of a new door mat.  mine has seen better days.  it’s worn faded and is looking pretty pitiful right now. 

i’m really liking all of these.

wisteria -



chiasso -

image imagetouch of europe -


  1. I've read that feng shui "wants" door mats to be the width of the doorway. Mine is 36" plus. But I can never find doormats that wide on the web.

  2. I like the touch of Europe ones. I've been on the lookout for a rug to go inside my front door too. But I know as soon as I get one, I'll want to replace the rug in my living room -- which will then lead me to want to change all the pillows, etc.

  3. I like the crown one from Wisteria and the touch of Europe ones. Sometimes you can find cool ones at Pier 1 or places like Marshall's and TJ Maxx...

  4. I kind of want to put a doormat in front of my apartment door, even though it's inside and has carpet. Is that cheesy?

  5. Target has some cute doormats from time to time. Hobby Lobby does as well.

    I'd LOVE to see a post on cool entry ways. I have a plan for ours, but I of course checked your blog first for inspiration. Thanks for the post on upholstered headboards, it gave me LOTS of ideas.

  6. I am going to get that first one..hope they still have it! So pretty. Just love that color lately.


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