after months of debate we finally purchased a sofa for our family room.  i couldn’t be more excited.  well, actually that’s a lie, i will definitely be more excited when the sofa is delivered in about 8-10 weeks from now. 

we were my own worst nightmare.  we were so picky about this decision, but this is a major purchase and i knew we would be stuck with this sofa for a while.  billy and i had so many requirements that the sofa had to meet.  i really thought that we would never find one.  every time i would find a sofa that i thought was the one, for one reason or another it wouldn’t work out.

so what were my requirements…

*well first of all i had a budget to go by that billy and i had discussed  {this budget significantly narrowed the options}

*secondly, i wanted a one or two cushion slipcovered sofa

*thirdly, the sofa had to be wide/deep enough that billy and i could both lay on at the same time

*and mainly, the sofa had to be comfy.  no hard cushions.  i wanted down-filled.

it’s hard to remember all of them but i think that i started with this sofa from lee industries.  this was my first “the one.”


my first “the one” quickly became a low contender due to price.

onto the second contender.  a few months after i got over the fact that my favorite sofa was out of my budget, i found a very reasonable sofa from zentique.  it can be found on the wisteria website.  the price was right, but i wasn’t sold on the look.  i also was concerned about the length between the arms since they angled in.  my questions were answered very quickly by going down to the zentique showroom at the mart.  i was dead on.  although the overall width was 85” the inside was significantly smaller.

Scalloped Top Slipcovered Sofa

the next sofa i found was from bernhardt interiors.  again, the price was perfect.  i found a fabric selection that i loved, but i had not sat on a bernhardt interiors sofa and wasn’t sure if the cushion was hard or soft.  i couldn’t find any showrooms in the atlanta area that had this exact sofa but i found some who did carry the line.  we sat on a similar sofa and found out that it was too firm for us.

imageafter moving on from the bernhardt sofa i briefly entertained having an online company make a knock-off of my favorite lee sofa.  i didn’t know anyone who had used them so i was really hesitant.  and again, i didn’t know what the cushion would feel like.  i quickly decided against ordering online.

then i found a new favorite from pottery barn.  the carlisle sofa.  it met every requirement but $$$. 

image after searching and searching for a close substitute for the carlisle i FINALLY found the one from best slipcover company.

and ignore the fabric on the chair below but this is the style of our slipcover.

the slipcover fabric is going to be a natural colored, linen-like cotton.  the fabric is all pre-washed so it has a very relaxed look and the cushion is down-filled and oh-so-comfy. 

i’m thrilled that we finally made the decision to buy a sofa.  i’ll be sure to post pictures as soon as the it comes in.  hopefully by the time it’s here i’ll be finished with redecorating the family room and can reveal the whole new look.


  1. Woohoo!!! What a beautiful sofa too! Girl I feel ya on getting a major purchase like that right! I hope I can be just as lucky with my search!

  2. Yay for the new sofa! Designers make the worst takes us forever to make a decision for ourselves!

  3. I know just what you mean, it took me 4 months to find the RIGHT thing, but well worth waiting for. Can't wait to see it in place when it arrives! Great blog, feel free to stop by mine sometime! *Amy

  4. It's going to be gorgeous!!! I think you ended up with the best option. It will be worth the effort and wait :)

  5. it's good that you took your time and found the right thing, because it's a piece you'll probably have for a long time! my sofa is only a few years old and while i like the style, i should've been pickier about the fill. can't wait to see your new purchase (and see you on monday!).

  6. Looking forward to photos! and you're so right! it IS a big choice and one that needs to be carefully made.

  7. What an impossible-fun decision :)
    Picture #4 is my fave.
    My sofa post All about Sofas

  8. we are looking for new, comfy, deep couches too! thanks so much for this post.

    I have some questions:
    How did you find out pricing for the couch you chose?

  9. thank for commenting back to me on my blog!
    i think maybe if i had your email it might be easier to communicate with you! look froward to hearing from you!

  10. Hello! I stumbled onto your blog as I was googling images for the Pottery Barn Carlisle Sofa. I have read through your blog and would love to know what sofa you chose from BSC. The link above seems to be broken, I'm very intruiged to see what you chose! Thank you Emily

  11. Thank you for this nice sharing. Great post.


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