skirted desks


i love the look of a skirted desk.  so classic.

i really like the patterned fabric on the palmer weiss design below.

{palmer weiss}

skirted desk in a cute nook in michelle adams’ apartment.


{michelle adams via eos}


{urban grace}

not quite a desk but equally as beautiful.

{cote de texas}

one of my favorites is this one from stan dixon’s office featured in atlanta homes & lifestyles magazine.

Capture copy {atlanta homes & lifestyles}

if you want to make one of these babies yourself then head on over to the newlywed diaries blog to check out jennifer’s tutorial (here).

{newlywed diaries}


  1. i love the classic look of a skirted desk, too! i love that you can use any table to make it, and the skirt allows you to change the look of your table anytime it suits you!

  2. I love the skirted look as well! Thanks for sharing all the photos! Might have the check out the tutorial at newlywed diaries :)

  3. Can't get enough of the skirted table, just love them!

  4. Very nice! I never thought about a skirted table. I may have to give it a try;-)

  5. I love a skirted desk or table. That first picture is just perfect!! Of course I love everything Palmer Weiss does..

  6. I need to find a spot for one of these in my home.

  7. so classic. so easy. so good for stashing stuff underneath.

  8. so so so gorgeous. simple. elegant and so practical.

  9. Your blog is fab...just found it and I am so excited. Love a skirted desk! Definitely on my list of to dos for my home.


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