summing up my style


what’s your style?  could you sum it up in one picture?  well, that’s the challenge ally, from the blog from the right bank, issued to everyone. 

summing up my personal design style in a single picture is so hard.  i feel like it is constantly evolving, and that can’t really be conveyed with only one picture.  right now i’m really working on simplifying my home and making it comfortable.  i want it to be more classic and less trendy.  so for now the picture below from house beautiful pretty much sums it up.


{house beautiful}

my style -  simple, classic & comfortable, definitely not fussy.  a neutral palette with color accents in accessories, pillows and art. an eclectic mix of furniture with rustic elements thrown in.  slipcovers and linen a must. 

that pretty much sums it up. 

so what’s your style summed up in one picture?  head over to from the right bank to join in on the fun.

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  1. Where is your favorite place to buy slipcovers? I'm in the market...

  2. beautiful! the thing about a simple, comfortable, and classic style is that it never goes OUT of style, whether we're talking about clothes or home life. this photo really communicates your statement.

    can't wait to see you tomorrow--i know you'll do a fabulous job! :)

  3. I love it! That room is amazing.

  4. Thanks so much for participating in my challenge! I love rooms like these - they're classic and sophisticated but also really inviting. Love that!

  5. This has been a great challenge and one I am still wrestling with. Love you choice....I need to continue to search the web for a pic to define "my style". Much love to you!

  6. You're right, this was a difficult challenge! Love the window treatments in your photo. Good luck tonight! I wish I could make it. I'll definitely be at the next event.

  7. Gorgeous! Love the color palette! I will have to start looking at some magazines to find "my" room. Thanks again for being part of the chat last night!


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