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{photography by LH Photography}

last saturday i had professional photos taken of me by lindsay hooten of lh photography.  i had them taken for my website and my blog because i thought i badly needed professional pictures of myself. 

LH Photography

lindsay’s photography is absolutely amazing.  her photography style is very photojournalistic, which i love, and she focuses on shots with natural light.  she photographs families, engagements and any other moments that you would like to have captured.  if you are interested in booking a shoot with lh photography you can get in touch with lindsay through her blog by clicking here.  lindsay is a doll to work with and she is also gorgeous.  here’s a picture of her. 


{photography by LH Photography}

when i saw her portfolio online i was very excited about having her take my photos.  we immediately clicked when we first got in contact with each other, and i was thrilled about all the fun ideas she had for my shoot.  she suggested using antiques in my photos so i got in touch with a new antiques and home store in inman park called authentique.  i blogged about a previous visit to authentique here.


{photography by LH Photography}

candi mcelhannon, the owner of authentique, was gracious enough to allow me to use the interior and the exterior of her store for the photo shoot.  lindsay took some amazing photographs of the store seen below.  if you are in inman park for the inman park festival this weekend make sure you stop in.  authentique is offering a 30% OFF SALE for the weekend.


27712_10100385558838811_2017285_66848801_1957236_n 27712_10100386970609611_2017285_66886979_5642380_n

27712_10100385596922491_2017285_66850105_4525870_n 27712_10100385554527451_2017285_66848555_7076580_n


 {photography by LH Photography}

here are the photos of me that lindsay has edited so far.  i am beyond thrilled with them.  now i have the impossible task of deciding which one i want to use on my blog and website.  she made them all look so great.  it’s going to be a very tough decision.  here are just a few of my favorites.



  27712_10100387183967041_2017285_66892705_2665028_n 27712_10100386970679471_2017285_66886989_1662336_n


27712_10100386970659511_2017285_66886985_3416990_n me and “brown dog”, candi’s awesome dog, hanging out during the shoot. 

27712_10100386970764301_2017285_66887001_1366169_n {photography by LH Photography}

a big thanks to lindsay from lh photography for such amazing photos and to candi from authentique for letting us take over her store last saturday.  you ladies are the best!

some links:

LH Photography Facebook Fanpage  - link

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Authentique Facebook Fanpage – link

Authentique Website - link


  1. First of all you could be sisters, you both are gorgeous. Secondly she takes beautiful photos. My thought for a professional pic is the one with your right arm resting on the red cushion with the greenish pillar behind you. They are all great! Best wishes!

  2. I think the red pillow is the #1 pro-glam shot by a little. But I hope you use them all in rotations. I get tired of the same shot of a person for days/weeks/months/ on end. It's like they are frozen. A montage of several would be good too.

  3. Hey there, I'm torn between the first one (red pillow mentioned above) and the next to last (black dress close up) as my absolute favorites. They are all fantastic though! Tough decision...I like Terry's suggestion! Hugs, Lori

  4. Very sassy - I love all the bright colors!

  5. Great colorful outfits & background- lovely photos! It's tough to pick a favorite but I like the green pillar in the background & the one where you're sitting in the red chair (bench in background) are my faves for professional. The one with the dog is my fave for personal =)

    Pretty Pretty!

  6. my favorite is the one of you on the red chair--love these!


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