last week i was in the inman park area and i stopped by a new store called authentique.  candi, the owner, opened the antique/home design store about six months ago, but i hadn’t had a chance to get over there until last week.  authentique is a mix between authentic antiques and gifts for the home.  she also has a few furniture reproductions that she carries, but candi says she tries to make it really clear what is a production and what is authentic. 

below is a shot of the store as you first walk in.  doesn’t candi do a great job merchandising the shop!

if you are crazy about owls then you will be in heaven in authentique.  there are quite a few owls hanging out in the store.



i fell in love with her industrial style coffee tables, like the ones below.  another shipment of them was supposed to be arriving over the weekend too.  if you are in the market for an industrial coffee table make sure you go check them out.


i took a ton of photos there because the shop was so beautiful and because i loved all of her furniture and accessories.  here are just a few of them.



DSC05775 DSC05774

DSC05765  DSC05767


don’t think that because a shop sells antiques that the prices are going to be sky high.  authentique’s prices are extremely affordable. 

if you are in the inman park area make sure you stop by this adorable shop.  it’s located at 312-A north highland avenue, ne.

happy monday!


  1. I like those white lamps with dark - black? - shades.

  2. I would come home with like 20 owls!

  3. I love coming to your blog! What a neat shoppe!

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