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i hope you all had a great heart day.  i sure did.  billy and i had an awesome dinner down in inman park on saturday night.  i was so excited about the valentine’s gift that i got him too.  when we went to the chomp and stomp chilli cook-off back in november billy spotted a piece of artwork by traci browning.  it was a gallery-wrapped photograph of the krog street tunnel in inman park.  i loved it too and was really drawn to it’s rawness.  i started talking to traci about purchasing it for him for valentine’s day.  since we dined in inman park last night we drove through it.  here’s a picture of of the piece.   

krog street tunnel

billy got me a 90 minute massage for valentine’s day, and it was a-ma-zing!  he scheduled it in advance for sunday afternoon.  it couldn’t have come at a better time either.  i was so sore from painting all weekend long.  finally, i made some major progress in our guest room!! i about fell over when billy said he wanted to help me paint too.  we were able to get the walls and wardrobe units painted.  i also ended up painting the mullions on the windows too which i hadn’t planned on doing.  that was the most tedious part of the painting, but it was so worth it once it was complete.  the room looks like a demolition zone right now, but hopefully we can get it put back together soon so that i can show you some pics of the progress.  i’m soooo happy with the way it’s coming along!


the scott antique market was in town this weekend.  i was able to get down there before it started snowing on friday.  i was long overdue for a visit to scott’s.  i can’t remember the last time i went.  i saw some great things and was really excited to see all of the industrial-style antiques. i took pictures so that those of you who have never been to scott’s could see what it’s all about.

i loved this booth that had tons of industrial furniture.


this zinc-accented desk from spain was to die for.


a little randomness.



in need of an antique furniture factory cart?  pick your favorite.


gorgeous window/window casing.  check out the oversized table lamp in the back too.


beautiful lime washed daybed.

i really liked this hanging basket lamp.  the shape is really unique.  i’m not too crazy about the bow that’s tied around the top of it though.


this booth was pretty simple but i loved the lime washed trestle table.


some beautiful mirrors, lamps and swedish clocks.




i LOVED this vendor with her oversized hanging lamps.  the best thing is that she’s local to atlanta.  i can’t wait to visit her warehouse.

DSC05825 DSC05826 DSC05827

the scott antique market is the 2nd weekend of every month so if you are in this area or live a few hours away it really is worth the trip.


  1. The Krog Street tunnel is the place in Atlanta that is least like Atlanta. Happy Valentines.

    Two bad weather shows in a row for Scotts. March should be better.

  2. thank you soooo much for this look into scott's. i have not been in quite some time and it was a feast to see it today! i would love the name of the lighting people if you dont mind sharing... both table lamps and overhead pendants... all are fabulous... happy valentine's day... sounds like yours was great... so was ours... happy to have found your blog... xx pam

  3. So glad you two had such fun :) love the painting, neat tunnel!


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