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this weekend billy and i went down to cabbagetown, a historical neighborhood in downtown atlanta, and went to the chomp and stomp chili cook-off festival.  the neighborhood of cabbagetown developed around the fulton cotton and bag mill and has a strong appalachian heritage.  now this six block area of downtown is home to a wide mix of people including artists, musicians, business executives, families and singles. 


DSC04945 the weather couldn’t have been more beautiful.  there were tons of people out enjoying lots of old-time bluegrass music, great artwork, and yummy chili.  we walked around the art booths and sat and listed to quite a few bands.




the pictures above from one of my favorite booths at the festival show are the artwork of laura wellem.  she has incorporated recycled magazines into all of her pieces.  she also uses non-toxic acrylic paints and furniture that she has found at yard sales.  you can check out her blog where she features a lot more of her pieces here.


photographer traci browning also had some amazing artwork at her booth.  billy and i both fell in love with the krog street tunnel piece. 


above is a close-up of it that doesn’t do it justice.  you can also see a better picture of it on her website.


atlanta abstract artist vickie martin’s booth was spectacular and featured work from her dresses series.  i could literally design a whole room around these pieces.  they are exquisite.  check out more pieces from the collection here.

there was also a variety of gifts and jewelry.  the stuffed animals at the love yu booth were adorable. 


they were so bright and colorful.  here are some of the stuffed animals that i found at her online store.  the prices are great too.




Capture3 $20.00

i also found a booth that had some really cool hanging bird mobiles.  i didn’t get the name of it though so if anyone reading this blog knows the name of the company that makes these please let me know so i can give them the proper credit.  the picture that i took isn’t that great but they really were very cool.  they actually looked a lot like my favorite bird mobile from design*sponge.


there was a booth with soaps that looked so good you could eat them.  they were made by a company called sudtress.  you can check out the sudstress blog here.


Capture Capture2

the chomp and stomp festival was such a blast.  i can’t believe the weekend went by so quickly.  hope you had a good weekend too.  this week might go by slowly though.  i’m not feeling too well today.  hopefully i’ll be feeling better soon, and i really hope it’s not that pig stuff.

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