1. oversized industrial lighting like these.

SM8071AB SM7567AB

SM6436AB SM8122AB

{NOT LOVING} the price-tag that comes along with them. 

2.  furniture factory carts.

you can spend $1,250 and get a reproduction from restoration hardware, OR you can get the authentic version at the scott antique market for $395.  i’m gonna take a wild guess that anyone would take the less expensive authentic version over the fake any day.





3. this rug from west elm.  it’s the andalusia rug.  similar to a discontinued rug that was awesome.

img11l4. this waterfall ruffle duvet cover from urban outfitters. ruffle duvet 5.  marjorie skouras chandeliers.  i saw the turquoise one in this months house beautiful.  simply stunning.


i’m enjoying the pretty snow that has fallen.  sweetie, my jack russell, got so cold from playing in it that i didn’t think she would ever stop shaking.  as soon as she stopped though, she wanted to play again.  hopefully you are warm and bundled wherever you are. 

here’s a funny video for you to watch.  “weatherman freaks out” about snow.  it’s hillarious. for some reason writer is not letting me insert the video in this post but to see it you can click here.


have a wonderful

valentine’s day!

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  1. Candeliers are amazing, I'd like to have the black one!
    Happy Valentines! :)


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