is it possible…


to be IN LOVE with a fabric???? 

vervain fabrici think i’ve fallen madly in love with a vervain fabric that i found while i was in the fabricut showroom at adac today.  the image(above & below) that i found online doesn’t do it justice at all.  it’s soooo much prettier in person.  it’s a printed linen with the most beautiful warm colors in it.  i may be so in love because this fabric reminds me of a warm spring day (warm weather please come back; i really, really miss you!!!). 

vervain fabric2MPC0071225-2 

i would love to design our family room around this fabric.  it would make for some truly stunning window treatments.  i would also have pillows made for my two antique chairs(which will one day be recovered in a light beige linen).  our family room is already painted with sherwin william’s accessible beige, and it’s just the right color to go along with the fabric.  by the way, accessible beige is one of my “go-to” colors.  in my opinion it’s the perfect neutral color.  of course, this whole plan hinges on convincing mr. charm home that it’s not a girly fabric.  hmmm, i highly doubt i’ll be able to pull that off.  so, right now i’ll just continue to dream about it in my head.  i got a memo sample at the showroom today and i’m quite positive i’ll never return it.  well, i guess that’s enough of me drooling over my fabric find.

in case you haven’t heard lonny’s third issue is out.  make sure you check it out.  they did a fab job once again. 

Flashthis photo of pam voth and tim barrall’s belgian is my favorite image in this month’s issue. 

Capture check out the rest of the issue here.


  1. Just wanted to let you know that I fall in love with fabric ALL THE TIME!

  2. I love the baby butterflies on it!! I have often found a fabric I would love to decorate a room around!!


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