csn stores and a jill rosenwald rug giveaway!



many of you may be familiar with the boston based company csn, but in case you aren’t let me tell you about them.  csn stores is an online company composed of more than 200 different online stores and shopping sites which all operate under the csn umbrella.  most of their stores offer products for the home at very comparable prices.  Some of their online stores sell products like living room furniture, sofas, and fireplaces.  i also know from personal experience that csn’s customer services is great.  i’ve used their rug store many times in the past and have never been disappointed in their service or the quality of their rugs.


now for the GIVEAWAY!!!!

the great people over at csn contacted me earlier this week and asked me to select an item to giveaway to one of my readers.  i was so excited and immediately thought about the jill rosenwald rug that looks so much like the discontinued west elm rug that we all loved so much. (you can read erin’s post from elements of style on this very topic here, and i featured this rug on my “loving…” post here.)  i asked if they would be ok with giving away the jill rosenwald rug to one of you, and they were thrilled with the idea. 

so, the giveaway will be a 2x3 jill rosenwald fallon rug in your choice of color.  here are the color selections offered by csn rugs.

brown copy coral copy gray copy

Sage copysky copy turquoise copy

                                                       yellow copy  

{this giveaway is now closed}

now for the rules of the giveaway…..

to enter leave a comment on this post telling me what color you would select if you were to win and also let me know where you would put it.  the giveaway will run from today, december 17th, through midnight on wednesday, december 23rd.  then i’ll announce the randomly selected winner on christmas eve.

good luck to all of you!

***PS ~ if you are having trouble entering a comment (i’ve gotten a few notices that people are having trouble) please send me an email (charmhomedesign@gmail.com) with your comment and i’ll manually post the comment for you.  in the subject of the email please write “rug giveaway comment” so that i’ll know to post it.  sorry for the inconvenience.  not sure why that’s happening to some of you.


  1. I am loving the sage and ivory rug!

  2. love the pattern - and yes, so sad that west elm did away with the similar style! love the sky & wory...would go great in our bathroom....

  3. I would go for the yellow and ivory for the office. I think it would be beautiful in there - and would be a nice contrast to the dark pieces.

  4. Very nice of you to do a give away. I'd better not try for the rug. I don't think we have a place for it.

  5. I would probably choose the brown for use in a bathroom. Love your blog!

  6. Awesome giveaway! I would love the sky and ivory to go in the living room. It would replace the hideous and stained cheap "oriental" rug currently in place!

  7. What a great giveaway! I would put the brown & ivory rug in my foyer- what a nice welcome for my visitors. Happy holidays Cristi!

  8. I love the brown and ivory one for my kitchen!

  9. Not sure what happened to my earlier comment to this posting, but wanted to say that I think lots of great things are in the works for you and Charm Home. And just like Timbuk3's song says "The future is so bright, I gotta) (you will have to) wear shades"!!
    I like the sage/ivory rug - would put in the visitor half bath we are redoing.

  10. I really like the brown and ivory - I think it would look great in our bedroom or living room.

  11. Love this!
    I would either do the yellow or the sky and it would most def. be used at the front door for all to see :)

  12. Ahhh, "green" and ivory... my favorite color and will look just perfect
    in my kitchen

  13. I love these rugs! I would put the yellow and ivory one in my living room with my burlap and ivory canvas upholstered wing chairs, khaki loveseat, blue and white chinese garden seats, glass and metal coffee table and antique secretary. Thanks so much! Kelly Webb

  14. I'd love the gray and ivory for my bedroom because the gray would match the "fur deposits" left by my Russian blue kitty! Is it bad to decorate around cat hair? (-: I can see it with pale gray walls and coral panels for my windows. Beautiful!

    Love your site! Your inspire me daily!

    Leigh Ann

  15. Brown and ivory would be beautiful in my foyer :)
    What a great give-away!

  16. Hi Cristi,

    I would LOVE the brown & ivory for my master bath! Been searching for a great one for in there actually, and this would be perfect!

    Hugs, Lori

  17. I would definitely choose coral and ivory, and I would put it in my foyer. In fact, we just moved into our first house, and it's all hardwood floors and in desperate need of some rugs. I may just need that coral and ivory rug enough to go buy it myself!

  18. Totally loving the brown and ivory!!
    I would put it in our master bedroom. It would look gorgeous with our Hudson bed from Pottery Barn!

    Rosenwald rug!!
    Oh please pick me to


    I'd love to have that rug!
    Very cool design!
    You're fabulous!


  19. I would love the sky blue and ivory rug!! and would put it in our master bath!!

  20. I love the coral and wory. these are so pretty

  21. Brown and ivory for my kitchen. Great giveaway idea Cristi!

  22. This is wonderful, thank you! I love the sky and ivory one the most; it's the perfect color, pattern, and size for my guest bathroom!

  23. I love the sage and wory. Great pattern! Would look great in Lexie's bathroom! :-)
    Merry Christmas!

  24. I LOVE the coral and ivory one!! I am determined to add more color to our home and we have a orange throw pillow on our big sofa, so this rug would compliment perfectly!!

  25. Melanie Bates ColeDecember 20, 2009 6:23 PM

    Hard to pick, but I think I'd most like the sage one for my entranceway. Thanks for the opportunity - great giveaway. ~Melanie

  26. The brown, sage and sky are all lovely. I will be redoing all 3 (yikes) baths in my house next year and this would be great in the 1/2 bath I think.

    Elizabeth Lee

  27. Hi Cristi,

    I recently started following your blog after I heard about it through Buckhead Betties bargain blog. Love your blog!

    The brown and ivory rug would look great in my kitchen right below the sink area.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  28.   I would love to see the beautiful coral & ivory rug in my guest room that has unfortunately sat empty except for a bed.  It would look beautiful with the 100 year old original hardwoods.  Have a wonderful holiday.

  29. I would put sky in the kitchen - it matches the walls and that's where we spend the most time!

  30. I love the design - I would put the yellow & ivory at my front door in the living room.

  31. oh, how cute! i would use the brown & ivory at my front door!

  32. I like the gray & ivory and I'd put it in the front hallway

    tiramisu392 (at) yahoo.com

  33. I love the brown and ivory rug. I'd place it at my kitchen door

  34. I think I'll go outside my normal safe box (in which I would choose the brown) and choose the coral and ivory instead :-) I'd use it at my back door that enters into the breakfast area. Love the blog!!

  35. Sky and Ivory. In one of my childrens bedrooms.

  36. I would choose the Grey and Ivory. It is so pretty!! And I would put it in my bedroom:) Please enter me. Thanks!!


  37. Wow, so pretty! I'd get the turquoise and ivory, and put it in my bedroom!

  38. sage and ivory in the kitchen :)

  39. Oh I want one of these rugs so badly!!! Thank you so very much for writing on my blog under the post where I had lost my blog roll. You are now back on, of course ... and just in time too, it looks like. What a cool giveaway. So the people at csn contacted you? I hope one day someone will ask me to give away something on my blog. Up to now, I have had to foot the giveaway bill myself:) Anyway, I would chooses the Sky rug. I have been needing a rug at the end of my bed, and this one is so perfect! I love the simplicity of the design. It would fit so well in my bedroom. I hope you have a very merry Christmas!

  40. I love the brown and ivory. Would look awesome in my powder room.

  41. katieb404@gmail.comDecember 22, 2009 3:07 PM

    Love the brown and ivory! It would be the perfect addition to my powder room!

  42. Hi Cristi,
    I really like the sage & ivory rug. It would look great in my living room. -Michelle

  43. I like the grey and ivory, and it would go great in the kitchen! amythomas at gmail dot com

  44. hi cristi,
    thanks so much for blogging about my rug for surya. i just came back from the nygift show where i proudly displayed my brand new brown and ivory fallon 8 x 11 foot rug. it looked splendiferous! ( if i do say so myself) thank you all my friends at CSN for being so generous!
    best to you


I love to hear your comments. Thanks for leaving one. xo, Cristi

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