drape it?


i’m still on the fence about the draped look on sofas, chairs, beds etc.  i’m not going to proclaim that i don’t  like it, but i’m definitely not going to say that i do either.  maybe it’s just not for me.   i think eddie ross pulls it off in his dining room featured in the premier issue of lonny.  what do you think?  are you into draping?

domino mag image – domino via flikr

domino mag1

image – domino


image – design sponge

lonny mag

image – eddie ross’s home in lonny


  1. I think I'm on the fence as well. In one instance it seems romantic and dreamy... and then in the next fleeting thought I can only imagine it being like a dorm room, or a college person's apartment when they're too embarrassed about the couch to actually SHOW it and the toss a sheet on it.

  2. Maybe that's why I'm having such a hard time with it. Dorms and college years completely come to mind when I see the fabric draped over a sofa.

  3. Hi CRISTI, I draped the sofa in my Dining room in pure fear! I just got it and Lonny was coming to shoot. I was Freaking out about just having to toss a linen sheet over it! We just got it back from being redone all in a beautiful linen. We will be doing a before and after on it in the new year!
    Happy Holidays!


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