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i always try to do something special each year when it comes to wrapping my presents.  i like for people to know that i put a lot of thought into wrapping their very special gifts.  last year when i was working with the hospitality company i was really busy during christmas and pretty much a slacker when it came to wrapping my gifts.  i think the extent of my special wrapping was using a wide ribbon…not so special, right?  this year i’m still pretty busy but i’m going to make time to wrap my presents with care.

i’ve been browsing my favorite online spots to see what ideas are out there.  burlap is huge in the design world right now and i think that these gifts wrapped in burlap are quite lovely.

burlap-gifts-l  burlap-vase-gift-l

i think that tags and bows are the areas that you can be most creative with your gifts.   using your special someone’s initial for a tag is a really cute idea.

ka101052_hol04_giftmonogram_xl  ml801s_hol08_beaded_let_xl

i would feel so special if i got a gift with this tag on it.  it’s so easy to make too.  just type out your message, print it, cut it out and apply some double-sided table to the backside.  use pinking shears to cut out the tag.  that would make it even better.


take a look at these cupcake carnation bows.  martha you always have the best ideas.


a great way to incorporate your kids into gift wrapping is to let them make the wrapping paper.  take a look at the gifts below.


if you can bake try baking gingerbread name tags. 


this package is so beautiful but i’m not sure i’ll have that much time on my hands.  looks like it would take quite a while.

gt075_wovenrib1_xlhere are just a few others that caught my eye.

mld104060_1108_gifttopper_xl  mla103942_1208_doilgiftwrap_xl

mla104031_1208_presents_xl ld102433_1106_phototopp_xl

blue-white-gifts-l tartan-gift-tags-l

how do you wrap your gifts?  do you use gift bags? do you have a theme each year?  do you tie an ornament onto your bow? let me know.

**photo credits – southern living and martha stewart


  1. I turn to mush with handmade kid wrapping paper, particularly from my kids'.

  2. I just found your blog and have had a blast looking at all your post!! Have a great day!!!


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