holiday color scheme


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i hope all of you had a wonderful thanksgiving.  i sure did.  mine was filled with family, fun and lots of food. 

i put my christmas tree up on wednesday night and i love having my house decorated for christmas.  while i was at target over the weekend picking up a few extra decorations i took a stroll through the home decor section and found a few christmas decorations that caught my eye.  it was mainly the colors that caught my eye. 


i’m in love with the color scheme.  if i hadn’t already decorated my tree in red, black and white then i would have definitely opted for this color scheme of fern, light olive, oyster, pearl, silver and wood tones.

maybe some of you haven’t decorated yet and can use it instead of me.  send pics if you do.

happy monday!


  1. Great idea! Silver AND gold! Isn't there a christmas song with that in the lyrics..?? xoRH

  2. I want to see YOUR Christmas decor!! a red, white, and black tree? interesting!!


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