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All of these items are on sale at Wisteria right now.  They are such great buys! 

I want all of them.  Click on each image to go to the site.

Happy Buying!

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I just saw this DIY upholstered headboard idea on the blog Organized Design.  It was too awesome not to share with you.  The shape is perfect and what’s even better is that Jen only spent $85 making it.  Check out the rest of the story here.

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hello Suzani


World Market has been a long-time favorite of mine as far as home decor stores go.  Lately I feel like they have really stepped up their game too.  One thing that I’m really loving right now is this Suzani Flat Woven Wool Rug.

pCPWM-6012384v300x300CaptureThe colors are really vibrant and fun but sophisticated at the same time.  I could totally see a room designed around this very rug.

Show and tell


I finally got a chance to take a photo of my family room.  There are still so many things that I want to do in here but at least it is presentable. 

family roomOne of the hardest parts about being a designer is knowing what you would love to do to your own home but not having the means or the time to actually do them.  Some things that I’m hoping to do in the near future…

1.  Replace the floor lamp in the far corner with a task lamp like this one.

img15m2.  I purposely didn’t show the end table on the other side of the sofa.  You can only see the tip of the corner in the pic.  It needs to be replaced, along with the light fixture that is sitting on it.  I want to replace it with something like this table from Wisteria.w4286-largeAnd this lamp from Ballard Designs.LT769_main3.  I also need to fluff up the bookshelves with new accessories.

The list of “things to do” goes on and on.  I’m hopeful that I can get everything done sooner than later.  We’ll see how that goes.  I’ve got a lot on my plate right now and an even tighter budget due to the little one that’s on the way.   

I hope you all will have a lovely, sunshiny weekend!  This weekend Billy and I will be spending some time in Huntsville with my Mom.  I can’t wait to see her and my brother.  See you all next week.

What's in my Bag???


Hi everyone, Today I'm guest blogging over at 1551 Transformed.  Head on over to Kelly's fun blog to see what a carry with me on a daily basis.  Click Here to see the post.  xo, Cristi

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I’ve been struggling to figure out what to put over my fireplace that is in the new nursery.  I wanted something very cool and unique because the wall that the fireplace is on is really small and not very interesting. 

While shopping in West Elm I found the absolute perfect cluster of items.  First I found these precious ceramic bird houses.

img61m Then I found these adorable little paper birds.

birdI’m planning to attach the birdhouses to the wall with simple hooks like these.

 31710-01-200And on top of each hook I’m going to put house numbers like the one below.  Proabably 1, 2 & 3.


The cute birdie will be perched on top of an upside down square toothbrush holder from this white laquer West Elm collection.


I was hoping to be able to get this collage up on the wall over the weekend, but I spent too much time shopping for the nursery.  Whoopsie!  I plan to have it up soon though. 

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3rd time’s a charm…


Well, hopefully it is.  I’m back with my 3rd and hopefully final nursery design.  When it comes to designing stuff for myself I’m terribly indecisive.  I think it’s because I’m so overexposed to great design all the time.  As soon as I get something planned for myself, I inevitably find something that I like better.  It’s an awful flaw to have.  Fortunately it’s not one that I have when it comes to designing other people’s homes. 

In case you haven’t been around long let me guide you through my nursery design metamorphosis.  So I started out with this design…

Chase Nursery copy

I really liked it but then after browsing through the Urban Outfitters website I found another fabric that I loved so I changed things up a bit. 

Chase's nursery update2

I really jumped the gun on the redesign.  I definitely should have waited until the fabric actually came in.  Maybe then I wouldn’t have been so disappointed.  Once I started changing the design, the less I liked the original.  And, after searching and searching for a fabric similar to the UO fabric I finally gave up and went a totally different direction. 

So, here’s my 3rd and better be final design for Chase’s nursery. 

Chase copyThis nursery just feels right to me.  I’ve already gotten the Alphabet print in and that’s one of the main reasons that I gravitated towards orange and blue.  There is so much orange in the print and I love it.  I’m planning to do an art grouping above the crib and this will be the main piece.


The Thom Felicia Kravet fabric is a bit out of my budget(even at the wholesale cost) so I’ve ordered swatches for a few less expensive alternatives. 

city sqReally the only major decision that I have left to make is on a glider.  I love this one from Four Seasons Furniture [in a different fabric of course] which can be purchased here, but it’s also out of my price range. 


My budget for a glider is more in the “find it on Craigslist” range.  So, I’ve been checking CL daily for one that I can buy inexpensively and have slipcovered.  So far no luck, but I’m staying optimistic. 

We have yet to move our current guest room furniture out, so it will be quite sometime before I can post progress pictures.  I promise I will post them as soon as I have them though.



Over the weekend I made a quick switch-a-roo with my window treatments.  A few weeks ago I had purchased 2 panels from World Market.  I had been wanting a punch of color in my family room for a while, and the drapes that I bought added just the right amount. 

These nail-head beauties from West Elm have been hanging in my family room for about the last 8 months. 

img39mThey are now happily hanging in my master bedroom.  I’m in the process of moving my old guest bedroom decor [seen below] into my master to make room for Chase’s nursery.  I didn’t want to repeat the natural linen panels in my master since they will be staying in my nursery so I opted to go dark.

guest room

These World Market Suzani panels are now hanging in my family room.

wm2 wm

I got pretty excited when I saw them in 96” length in the store.  I’m glad to see that more stores are carrying that length in the actual store.   

A little Google image search came up with this image too.  It shows the vibrant colors much better than the World Market pictures do.

il_570xN_193838683 As soon as I “style” my family room [get my house cleaned up] I’ll take a few pictures and put them up on the blog.

Interview on Studio TEn 25



Today I'm being interviewed over at the blog Studio Ten 25 by Abbe Fenimore, one fabulously talented designer Texas designer.  I was more than thrilled when Abbe contacted me about doing this interview.  I’ve been drooling over her work ever since I saw her featured on a few months ago.  Head on over to her blog to check out the interview. Then browse through her own portfolio and fall in love with her work just like I did. 

The interview – Click Here

Abbe’s website – Click Here

CR 18

Happy Friday Y’all! 

So bummed


urban outfittersWell, the sunshine medallion panels that I was so anxiously waiting for came in yesterday.  I’m terribly disappointed.  The print looks nothing like it does in the picture online.  If you take the print shown in this picture and pretend to use highlighter pens in place of the colors that’s pretty much what it looks like.  The colors are so unbelievably bright.  They look pretty muted in the picture but are very neon in real life, especially the orange [which looks like a spiced red in the photo].

Here’s the problem, I fell so in love with what I thought this fabric would look like.  Now I have my heart set on something just like it for the nursery.  I don’t think I can go back to my original plan.  So, as of now, I’m on a mission to find something similar. 

For those of you who said you had bookmarked it and were thinking of getting it yourself…BUYER BEWARE.  I guess the positive side is that the panels I purchased can be returned.  Oh the joys of online shopping.

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