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if you are visiting my site over the next few days and things don’t look quite right, don’t be alarmed.  i’ve been working with a graphic designer to come up with a few updates for my blog, website and business cards.  i’m really excited about the upcoming changes!  the transition of the old blog design to the new blog design will be happening over the next few days, and i’ve got my fingers crossed that there won’t be too many glitches during the transition. 

until then here are a few more pictures from my latest design project.  if you would like to see more of this home you can view more pictures on my facebook fan page.


Dining detail4 Dining detail

Family3 Stairway Detail2


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  1. Fantastic job on this! The color combination works so well together. Also, I love the mix of old and new furnishings. Not all designers can deal with incorporating a homeowner's current furnishings into the new space. You have definitely mastered it! M.

  2. You. Are. Amazing! Thanks so much for continuing to share your gift with us! Your work is superb...

  3. Such beautiful designs. Impeccable styling too!

  4. Lovely color combinations and accessorizing. I really like the bolster on the bed that matches the headboard.
    Mary Ann


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