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i just finished up a new model home in dallas, and i came upon a situation that sometimes happens in model home design. 


the strange thing about model home design is that i don’t see the actual home until the week i go to install it.  i do all of the planning and design based on a set of architectural blueprints.  Most of the time the installation finishes up seamlessly and there are no issues.  Occasionally though, the builder will decide to knock out a wall on site or change up a room, and they’ll forget to let me know about it.  There is usually never an instance where the problem can’t be fixed on site, but it does sometimes present a problem with the furniture that i have selected. 

with this home there was originally a dividing wall show on the plans.  this wall divided the breakfast area and the family room and also had a fireplace in the middle of it.  i drew in where the wall would have been on the photo below.

Kitchen Plan

a few weeks before the install they decided to tear down the dividing wall and put the fireplace in the corner of the family room.  it was definitely a good idea.  taking out the wall really opened up the whole living area.  while i was assuming there would still be a wall in that area, i had planned on using a very narrow table with small bentwood chairs. Kitchen before

once the builder walked through they decided that they wanted a slightly larger table that showed more seating.  so, i headed out to world market and bought a trestle table with two benches.  it worked out perfectly. 

Kitchen after…and here they are side by side.

Kitchen two ways

so which do you like the best?  have you ever run into a similar problem yourself?

Overall Family

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  1. I can't imagine how you do an entire install based on drawings starting from an empty slate! I'm sure it's great because you have a blank pallette to start from but nerve-racking because each piece is on you!

    Awesome job Cristi! Btw - I like the bench table set better! ;)

  2. I agree with Niki...hard to do without seeing the project! I am torn...I like both...I might be partial to the first set though just because I have always loved those chairs. From what I see everything looks beautiful.

  3. I am a sucker for a trestle table! THe project really turned out great Cristi!

  4. I definitely love the after setup! It seems to flow better and the trestle table just feels like the perfect fit for the space. Great work, I love it!!!

  5. Having seen it in person, I am quite partial to the table with bentwood chairs...the pix just don't seem to represent the real situation. Your original plan was awesome, but the "solution" satisfied the client. So, it was a win/win! Way to go, Cristi!!!!


I love to hear your comments. Thanks for leaving one. xo, Cristi

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