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a reader sent me a request a few weeks ago to do an entry room inspiration post.  i’ve been so busy that i am just now getting around to it.  better late than never right?!? 

also, i want to thank all of you for your blogiversary comments.  they were all so sweet.  and speaking of busy, i haven’t gotten to comment on everyone’s blog or respond to blog emails for that very reason.  just know that i really do appreciate your comments and emails.  i’ll try to respond as soon as i get a chance.

anywhoo, here’s are the inspiration images that i found.  i feel like all of these spaces have a lot of charm to them. 

{elizabeth kimberly design}

{palmer weiss}

{rinfret, ltd.}

Portfolio Image

{s.r. gambrel}

{westbrook interiors}

this one’s my favorite.  i’m in love with the painted white floors and the owl umbrella stand.  i {heart} J.A.!

{johnathan adler for house beautiful}

{westbrook interiors}


{tracery interiors}

{albert hadley for house beautiful}

{kay douglass for house beautiful}

{ashley whittaker for house beautiful}

{traditional home}

so what do you have in your entryway?  a table? a settee? nothing? i have a small skirted table that i made myself due to the size of my entry.  my entry is a hallway and it’s pretty small so that’s about all i could have in the space.



  1. I'm voting for s.r. gambrel with baby blue walls. We don't have a place to sit right now but since Atlanta isn't a place where guests wear boots I don't think we need one but it would be a nice touch.

  2. I have no room for anything remotely close to an entryway, so that is a 'must have' on my next house :) These are all so beautiful! The first is my favorite if I just had to pick ...

  3. I love all of these images. My entry way is pretty small, and sad to say, I haven't tackled it yet. Maybe I'll get around to it one of these days!

  4. I'm pretty sure I became a follower of your blog after your own no-sew entry table - still planning to copy that one day! Love all these photos!

  5. Oh I love all of those entries! I have a console table with a few accessories and pictures on it...nothing that looks like the pictures above!

  6. It's official! You've inspired me. My foyer will be decorated this weekend!

  7. Holy MOLY I love the zebra stairwell!! One day when I have actual stairs, I am so recreating that :) Happy Anniversary, this month is mine too!!

  8. You are so awesome, thanks for doing this. I think i dribbled a little drool down my shirt when I saw the house beautiful third from the bottom. The palmer weiss second from the top made me wish i had an stairway to put a zebra runner down. thats hot. lots of inspiration here. I'll definitely put pictures of mine up when its done!


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