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on saturday afternoon i finished my no sew entry table and i’m so excited about it.  our condo is really small, and it has an extra small entry hallway.  when i first moved in over three years ago i quickly realized that i needed to find some kind of small table to fit into the entryway.  i looked everywhere for a table with a depth of less than 10” and never found one in my price range.  my last resort was building my own table.  i headed to home depot and picked up a wood shelf, a few table legs, some stain and made my own table.  it looked pretty sad for the last three years until this weekend.

the table (shown above) was functional but that’s about all it was.  it definitely wasn’t something that you would expect to find in the entryway of a designer’s home.  after billy and i decided that we were going to take our house off of the market and stay in it for a while i knew it was time to give my cheap little table a facelift.  i had some pieces of a drop cloth left-over from a previous project so i used that for the fabric.  then i added new black fabric tape to give it a more decorative look.

here is how it looks after a little cosmetic surgery.  since the table is by the front door anytime i headed that way my dog sweetie thought she was getting to go for a walk. 

so much better than before.  i also have extra storage underneath the skirt.  {huge bonus!!}  the best part is that it was super cheap and easy.  the total cost of the skirt was only $25.00.  the total cost of the table (way back when) was approximately $30.  so for less than $60 i have a pretty good looking table.  can’t beat that.  stay tuned to hear how to make this super-easy table skirt.

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  1. It looks beautiful! I love the extra storage space too, thats a double bonus!

  2. I can't wait to hear how you made it! It's adorable, and I have the same issue in my own hallway!

  3. I like it the new way. Two legged tables just don't look right to me. Not it even compliments the puppy.

  4. Love it!!! and interested in how you got the tape on there! love the corner designs!!! Ah, sweet Sweetie :)

  5. wow- that's quite the transformation! can't wait for the the tape detail too {have never heard of fabric tape- very cool!}

  6. You're so talented! Can't wait to see it in person. Love ya!

  7. the skirt took it up a whole 'nother level--love it. great job.

    ps--your word verification always gives me the longest words EVER. too funny. i'll have to remember to copy down for you one day. :)

  8. Good grief - what a transformation! It is so sharp - you are terribly clever, I am really impressed with the statement this made! You are going to love this for a long time.


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