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the new ballard catalog came in the mail over the weekend.  i was so excited to see it because i knew that suzanne kasler had done the styling for many of the photos in this issue.  i’ve been loving the direction that ballard has been heading in for a while but i think in this issue they have it all right.  it seems as if they are getting away from a lot of the more country look and going to a more industrial/cottage style {my fave}.  suzanne kasler did an amazing job with styling one entire home for ballard.  house beautiful interviewed suzanne and part of that interview is in the catalog.  the rest can be found here.

my heart skipped a beat when i got to the picture below.  this is exactly what i would do to a home office for myself…if i had one.  i really think that everything about it is perfect.  i can’t wait until i have a home office one day. 

suzanne kassler for ballard

susanne kasler really did do a phenomenal job with styling for ballard.  looking at this issue is really almost like looking at a house beautiful magazine.  i can’t wait to see what they come up with next.  here are some other images from the issue for you to enjoy.  i thought i would tell you my favorite things about each of the photos.

photo #1: fave – chandelier (i can’t believe this chandy is only $299) and coffee table


photo #2: fave -  wall of shelves used to display every-day-ware.


photo #3: fave – pleated bedskirt and pink walls (i’m not a huge pink fan but i think i like it in this room because it’s such an unexpected color.)


all images – ballard catalog march 2010


  1. I am so glad you shared this as I have yet to receive my catalog and it's driving me crazy. I'm inspired by what Ms. Kasler has done with Ballard's products. I look forward to the fall when they introduce pieces designed by her. :-)

  2. Christi, it is all the way around fabulous!

  3. I like the pink: At least in the pictures I want to look again and again. And what crown molding.

  4. Hi Cristi! I know this post was from years ago but do you know if those filing cabinets in the top picture are from Ballards? I really like the look and "credenza" style. They almost look slotted on the front. Have any ideas?


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