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over the weekend i pulled out my stash of domino magazines.  i love looking through them every now and then just to see what i can find that i haven’t noticed before.  i find that as time goes by i notice different details in the articles and pictures.  sometimes it’s a light fixture; other times it’s a particular color. 

this time i noticed a great way to make an easy change to a headboard.  domino did a article in their june/july ‘08 issue about stephen elrod, vice president of design for lee jofa, and his seaside cottage.  the “new to me” element in the home was the layering of throws on top of headboards in two of the bedrooms.

although i’m not crazy about the fabrics he used i do love the idea.

i thought i’d throw out some ideas of how i would pair the two.

for an upholstered look i would pair this thomas paul print slipcovered headboard with a gray chunky tassel throw from west elm.

Skyline Furniture Slipcover Headboard in Gerber SungoldChunky Tassel Throw

for a seagrass look similar to the headboard in the second photo i would pair this pier 1 headboard and a suzani overlay from wisteria.

Sea Grass Block Queen Headboardimages/W3934-large.jpg

and for a darker option i like the pier one chocolate seagrass headboard with the ws home zebra stripe throw.

Rope Queen HeadboardSafari Printed Cashmere Throws

another great and inexpensive way to achieve this look would be to purchase a fabric remnant at your local fabric store.  once you hem the edges or use stich witchery then you could just drape it over your headboard. 

hope you all had a great long weekend.  i sure did!


  1. what a great quick fix!
    **sigh** miss Domino so much! :-/

  2. love that idea! I wish I had a headboard, I would try it out :)

  3. Cristi, I still have every issue of Domino magazine! Such a shame that it is gone! I love the headboard idea and agree with you about the fabric choices (not any that I would have chosen).

    I love your ideas more than the Domino ideas. :)

  4. I love a quick and easy update. Great examples!

  5. I think that this is such a great idea. I may have to use this concept for my bedroom.

  6. MAN I miss Domino. Like I don't know what magazine to buy when i need an interior design inspirational fix. Nothing seems to live up to its awesomeness.


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