my happy place


i’m in my happy place right now…


 meg ryan’s martha’s vinyard home in elle decor

that place is listening to my brandi carlisle station on pandora and looking at lovely magazines{unfortunately i’m not doing all of this at martha’s vinyard}.


 meg ryan’s martha’s vinyard home in elle decor

hope you can go to your happy place sometime over the long weekend.


 meg ryan’s martha’s vinyard home in elle decor

enjoy your memorial day weekend!


  1. Hey, my comment didn't post:-(

    Okay, like I was saying, this is a beautiful home! I can see why you say you're in your "happy place"! - love Meg Ryan! She's so cute:-)

    Have a great weekend girl!

  2. I saw the rest of the pictures of her home last week and it looks so peaceful! Have a great weekend! ;)


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