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target has a great knock off of west elm’s branch side table.  west elm’s table retails at $179. 

west-elm-branch-table the target version is only $79.  it’s slightly different but could easily be painted high gloss black to look very similar to west elm’s table.

targetthey are out of this table online but there were two at the store closest to me.

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  1. Such a deal! This will make someone's day

  2. i didn't know this was from west elm. i've had my eye on this table for awhile and never thought about painting it which is funny, because i'm always thinking about paint! it would look great in so many colors . . .

  3. I found this table tonight on clearance for $62.98 at the Winder Target. Now I'm not sure I want it so I'm going to wait a couple of days to decide whether or not to keep it. Of course, I also bought a lamp and shade and some throw pillows on clearance. I'm too impulsive!

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