1.  this amazing night stand ikea hack by penny people designs.  jenny at little green notebook posted it earlier this week and that’s where i saw it.  i am so doing this when we buy a home that has a third bedroom.


2.  this list of 50 gifts under $50 compiled by rachel over at nest egg.  love all the gifts that she’s put on the list.  here are just a few.  check out her post for the rest.

calendar dog bed

nate berkus tray tote bag

3.  this marble tile from lowe’s that’s on sale for $2.88 that looks very much like new st. laurent marble.  they have a whole pile of it in their stores or at least the ones in huntsville and atlanta.  the tile on sale at lowe’s is called emperador dark brown.  john and sherry over at younghouselove are using this tile in their bathroom that they are renovating.

lowes tile New St. Laurent tile

                      lowe’s tile                                                            new st. laurent marble

4. the 2nd edition of lonny magazine.  it’s just as spectacular as the first edition was.  LOVE IT!!!!!

LONNY cover dec 2009 

i’m so glad that i’m over my nasty cold that i had last week/weekend, but i’m not excited that i gave it to my hubby.  looks like this weekend will be spent taking care of him and trying to get him well. 

hope you all have a great weekend.  see you next week. 

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! I haven't seen the new Lonny mag.. Yes! Heading over to check it out now. :) xoRH


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