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when i used to work at beazer interior design for beazer homes all the designers used this great antique store called the $99 store.  they had some great stuff and some not so great stuff but all of it was priced at $99.  sometimes you could find some awesome pieces of antique furniture.  one day they closed their store and no one knew if they were going to reopen in another location or if they were closed for good.  my friend katie called me yesterday to let me know that she had found the store again!  they’ve reopened in a new location in cumming, ga.  they aren’t called the $99 store anymore they are called extreme wholesale.  they don’t have a website but they are located at 2480 Industrial Park Blvd in Cumming

DSC04552if you visit them make sure you wear some sturdy shoes(i wouldn’t recommend sandals) and pants.  the aisles are really small and you literally have to crawl over furniture to see what all they have.  be prepared to dig.  there are piles and piles of antiques.  take a look at this photo i took of a pile of chairs that they have.

DSC04507 here’s another one from a different pile

DSC04510 they don’t just have chairs.  they have cute little accent pieces like this antique magazine rack for $136.

DSC04517they also had these awesome lacquered side tables for $87 each.  the tables had a few chips on them but that could be fixed with a little touch up painting.


there was an awesome dressing table that i saw there but i didn’t see a price on it.  i’m guessing it would have been in the $100 range compared to the other similar pieces i saw.


they had some beautiful antique mantles.  some of them were very intricate and some of them were more shabby chic like this one for $99.


one of the random piles they had was of old ladders and shutters.  these would be great corner stuffers for an empty corner.


i found this beautiful antique chippendale secretary for only $99.  it was in really great condition and only needs a good cleaning.


here’s a different view of some other piles of furniture.

DSC04538among this pile i found this beautiful barley twist and cane console table.


they also had a few accessories like these teak bowls($110) and urns($170)

DSC04546  DSC04548

ok, brace yourself, here is the overall shot of the warehouse.  and this is only one side of it, but you’ll see why you need to where sturdy shoes when you go there.  send me some pics if you come upon a great find.  i know you will.



  1. I bought a great teak bench in their new location and it was an amazing array of antiques and decor. Great stuff and great prices. But the warehouse location in Cummings is empty now and I cannot find out where they relocated. Does anyone know?

  2. Wow! I just stumbled across your website. We just moved to Cumming and looking for antique furniture to refurbish. I'll have to take a trip there soon.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. So I actually went to this store when they were in the process of moving. A lady who worked there gave me the number for the new location, but I misplaced it. This was about 1 year ago. Does anyone have any news on its new location?

  4. LOVED this place and have been trying to find it for 2 years now :(
    Does anyone know where they are now???????

    Stacy 601-750-0104

  5. I am trying to find this place also. I had been there when they were in Roswell and am late coming to this blog. I need them!!!!

  6. Wow! what a great stuff you have here. . .thanks for sharing the pic. .


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