Gallery Walls


I’m a sucker for a good gallery wall.  I was doing some clean up in my inspiration files and kept coming across pictures of them. 




[Kate Spade]

1600 Fam 17

[Caitlin Creer]


[Design Indulgence]



yhl hallway-progress2

[Young House Love]



[Canadian House & Home]





**If any of you know where the [unknown] images are from please comment so that I can give credit.  I didn’t do a great job of saving the source on these images.

Some people are intimidated by a gallery wall because of the loose form.  While I was doing a quick search on Pinterest, I found this hanging guide.  It gives some examples for creating a gallery wall of your own.  This is such a great starting point for creating your own gallery wall if you aren’t quite sure how. 



  1. Lovely, I have enough self made art to hang on my walls, but was never brave enough to put so many on one wall. I had a wall of favorite photos though.

  2. Love all of these, I am totally a sucker for gallery walls too!

    I just found your blog, totally a follower now! I featured your precious rug for Chase's nursery on my blog- the pattern you did is incredible!


  3. Great post. Creating gallery walls can be intimidating. Love the Pinterest layout suggestions.

  4. Christi....thanks for featuring my gallery wall...although it pales compared to some of those other fabulous ones you showed. After looking at it when I posted, I need to adjust a few! I know you are staying busy with "motherhood"!!!

  5. Cristi, your posts are always on point with my current home projects, its uncanny. Just ordered pictures for a pack of black wall frames I purchased last November for a wall cluster in our hallway. I'm loving the combo of frames, art, and fun hanging pieces. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Great round-up, what I love is these gallery walls have so much depth and dimension and most have an item that is not a framed photograph for more visual interest. My take on gallery walls is just start laying out the puzzle and it'll come together.


I love to hear your comments. Thanks for leaving one. xo, Cristi

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