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i gave you all a sneak peek of my latest project on monday, and i finally have the rest of the pictures edited. 

i was so excited to finish this home.  it was a 4000 square foot model home in houston, texas and was so much fun to work on.  i’m going to go into more detail about my inspiration and give away some of my shopping secrets next week.  i’m also going to talk about some of the photo do’s and don'ts that i figured out since this was my first real photo shoot {on my own at least}. 

until then have a great weekend!


CR 32

dining room

CR 1


CR 29 CR 14 CR 30

Edit 9

family room

CR 20

CR 17

CR 3CR 4CR 19

CR 15

master bedroom

CR 5CR 7 Edit 10Edit 1  twin girls’ room

CR 22CR 10 CR 24

CR 28

boy’s room {serena and lily copy-cat room}

CR 11 CR 12 guest room

CR 8 CR 9

Edit 4media room

CR 13

Edit 3  CR 21 CR 27 CR 26

Edit 8

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  1. BEAUTIFUL! Love the colors--especially the dark green in the family room. Can't wait to hear more. And...War Eagle!

  2. Wonderful job Cristi! You really designed AND styled this place to the nines! Next week can't come fast enough...I simply can't wait to get the skinny on your design secrets!

  3. OMG great job, Cristi! Love that green and yellow guest room! Oh, and I see the Serena and Lily room! Can I blog about your room and mine?!

  4. great job, cristi! such attention to detail in every room. you should be so proud of yourself--the accolades are well-earned!

  5. love the entire house!! i am redoing my sons room and i love the letter pillows and the seat thingys at the end of the bed, can you share where you found them? thank you for the inspiration!!!

  6. never seen the chevron in green. love it. great look.

  7. The pops of orange in they study were so great! Loved seeing this post.

  8. O M G. Cristi this is stunning!! I can't imagine how much work you put into this space. 4000 square feet? WOW. Super job well done ;)

  9. Great job!! I love the rug and desk in the study...where are they from?

  10. I love the master bedroom and media room colors! Everything looks great. Where in Houston is this? I wish I could just go buy this all.

  11. Spectacular. I adore the kelly green accents. Can't wait to get your sources and photo styling tips!!

  12. You done an excellent job. All the rooms evoke cheers and happiness!

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  13. Coming by again to say that I love the entire design! And that I posted about our "copy cat" serena and lily rooms!

    Have a great weekend!

  14. Im really loving the guest room and the media room with the bold pops of orange. Thanks for sharing.

  15. I love all the vivid colors in all the rooms.

  16. I love it! I really really loved the @ and & wooden decs in the study! Where did you get those?!?!

  17. Love it! Especially the botanicals in the entry way. Where can I find them? Congrats!

  18. BEAUTIFUL!!! You have been b-u-s-y! It's all gorgeous and really fun. I can't stop looking at those green curtains. Such a classic color and funky shape. Way to go, Cristi!

  19. Well done, Cristi! Bravo! My favorite is that green family room. :)

  20. totally rocked that place!!! Spectacular job. There was nothing I didn't love.

  21. wow. your home is oh so cute! and I just adore your blog too. i love it


  22. Omg! Just stopped by from Home23Duncanboys...loved both green rooms! AND now this! Holy Moly you did an amazing job with this home...I don't know who is more clever, YOU, for this design, or the builders who hired you, b/c surely this home will sell in two seconds! Wow!!!

  23. I am loving all the green and orange colors. Very bold and they totally work. Well done!

  24. Such an amazing job! Love the colors! You can sit back, sip a Sangria, and be proud, my friend! Miss you. Hugs! Lori

  25. looks amazing. i love all the patterns and bright colors, very fun!

  26. Christi,
    Great job I love the master, very cool and serene!!

    I have a New Giveaway from the French Basketeer I think you will love!

    Art by Karena

  27. gah! it's gorgeous! i WANT those green chevron curtains. must find out where you got them! so good.

  28. My goodness. This looks like it belongs in a magazine.

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. CRISTI! This is AWESOME- you've done a phenomenal job! Congrats on such a lovely project completed =)

  31. Lovely project. I see so many fun things. I particularly like the eyeglasses on the table in the study and the legs of that pink nightstand. I recognize some Global Views item, which are always unique. Thanks for sharing.
    Becky Tyre
    Retail Details blog

  32. Hi,
    I caught a pic of that AWESOME boys room on Pinterest and tracked it back and back and back and finally found you :) What color green is on the walls? I just LOVE it!!

    Glad I found your site...I will definitely be back often.

  33. I absolutely LOVE the orange curtains and rug in the study. Did you ever list your sources?? Would you pass along the info?! Love your style.

  34. Beautiful! Can you tell me where the curtains from the study are from?


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