headboard love


my heart did a little pitter-patter dance when i saw this headboard upholstered in one of my favorite quadrille fabrics.  this headboard is pure perfection.

you can see the rest of this park avenue apartment here on the house beautiful website.

**side note – i have been out of town all of this week but i did see the new house beautiful at the grocery store on sunday.  why is this a problem?…because this is the second month in a row that i’ve seen house beautiful in the store before i actually got my copy.  i never received last month’s issue and when i left home i still hadn’t gotten this month’s.  house beautiful and i will have to have a serious talk if i don’t get my issue for the second month in a row.


  1. LOVE the headboard.

    the same thing is happening with me with house beautiful AND coastal living. i hate seeing them on the shelf before they're in my hand!

  2. That headboard is amazing!! I just got the latest issue of HB in the mail - so hopefully yours is on the way!

  3. the fabric on that headboard is gorgeous! not to mention the rest of the home:)

  4. what a beautiful piece...I've never seen anything like it!! That fabric truly is one-of-a-kind!


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