fun in east nashville


last week i was working on a job in nashville with some fellow designers and during some of our free time we explored the city.  we wound up in east nashville which is somewhat of a cross between inman park and little 5 in atlanta.  it’s very artsy and very cool.  this was where i found the most adorable hot dog stand that i think i’ve ever seen.  i’m not sure if adorable and hot dog stand should be in the same sentence but this hot dog stand was pretty stinkin’ cute.  and, it had the best name…check out the weenie sign.  i had already eaten by the time i found this little gem so i wasn’t able to try one.  maybe next time.


the hot dog stand caught my eye and made me stop, but i was lucky to find an antique shop right beside it. 

this antique shop had some of the best prices i’ve seen for mid-century pieces.  the furniture they had was also in mint condition.  no scratches or dings anywhere.  unfortunately i didn’t have my camera with me.  i did have my blackberry so i snapped a few shots.  sorry about the quality of the photos.

i fell in love with this john stewart china cabinet.  the 4” knobs were real turquoise. 

IMG00168-20100422-1521 here’s another mid-century china cabinet that they had.  it was massive.

IMG00170-20100422-1525 the best find was this sofa.  we all fell in love with it.  i was so close to buying it but my hubby turned it down…said he wanted a new sofa instead of an antique.  in all actuality i would have had to completely change the whole design of my family room to get this sofa, but it would have been so worth it.  it was on sale for only $1250.  there are similar ones in atlanta for more than $3000.  it might not look it but it was one of the most comfortable sofas that i’ve ever sat on.


i wish i would have taken more photos of the lamps, the jewelry and everything else they had but i was in such awe of the store i completely forgot.  if you are in the nashville area you should definitely make a point to stop at wonders on woodland.


  1. Excellent napping couch, I'll bet. Nashville is one of the great places.

  2. Love the weenie stop, and regarding the mid-century pieces, "Everything old is new again!" Love them!

  3. love the couch, and i am dying to go to nashville!

  4. Fabulous finds.. wow. Loving your blog!! You've got a new follower :) xx


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