weekend fun and more progress


this weekend my best friend stephanie and her boyfriend zach came into town for a visit.  before they came into town though, billy and i were working hard to try to get our guest bedroom somewhat put back together.  {working full-time doesn’t leave much time for getting my own personal projects completed.  that’s why our guest room has taken over a month and a half to complete so far.}  we started trying to install the crown moulding weekend before last but ran into a slight complication.  it seemed like a pretty simple task.  weekend before last i went out and bought the piece of crown moulding that we needed.  i measured, marked and billy and i cut.  i found out while trying to install it that i marked my angles and cut them while the crown was upside down.  when we went to fit it up on the ceiling it was too long and too short in the wrong places.  by the time we figured out that i had marked the wood wrong it was too late on sunday evening to start everything over.  so, the project went unfinished for yet another week. 

saturday morning was mine and billy’s last chance to get the crown moulding installed before steph and zach got into town.  we made sure that i had the angles correct this time.  we measured, marked and cut again.  when it came time for the install all was going well…that is until the guest bed that i was standing on BROKE!!!!!  i guess all of the moving we did to my grandmother’s antique bed wasn’t too good for the railing because it literally broke in to.  having a functional guest bed in our bedroom for our guests was much more important than getting the crown moulding up.  luckily we had an extra bed frame in our storage unit so we were able to disassemble the broken bed and assemble the new one.   unfortunately the crown had to wait once again.

once stephanie and zach got here we had a fun day of running around atlanta.  they had never toured the sweetwater brewery so we took them down there to taste some good beer and go on the tour.  it was so great to visit and catch up with them.  they had tickets to a concert last night so billy and i took it easy while they went to their concert.  today we all had brunch, and then billy and i got back to work on the guest room. 

i am happy to say that the after 2 long weeks of trying to get the crown moulding installed it is finally up!!  now i have a little caulking to do to finish it up.  well actually lots of caulking to do, but i’m just really happy that i’m one step closer to getting the guest room finished.

i promise that i’m going to post pictures as soon as it’s all complete.  i’ll also give a girl’s tutorial on how to install crown moulding.

how was your weekend?  anything exciting happen?


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend, albeit busy! and I'm so glad you got some girl time in with Stephanie :) We've had a lazy, lazy weekend. love and hugs to you!

  2. Crown molding is one of those "you have to be in the mood" type projects for sure. We paid for the crown "upgrade" in this house to get most of it done for us. Still more to add eventually!

    I went to Chicago this weekend to see my BFF and my favorite cuz also came up. We saw The Blue Man Group and I got pulled on stage for about 20 min to perform with them...it was one of the most hilarious moments I've experienced in life! So fun!

  3. you guys look super cute--great photo. um, can you two come do my crown moulding now??? :)


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