fit for a princess


i saw this pet “tent” in the new march issue of traditional home.  how cute is it!  this tent is surely fit for a princess with four teeny tiny paws.  it’s from boutique tents.


speaking of princesses here’s a picture of my four-pawed princess.  she also posed for the traditional home photo but they said she was too pretty to make the magazine.  they were looking for a more “dog-next-door” look.  sweetie tent ok, ok, so i got a little carried away with photoshop.


  1. HA HA HA. Super funny! Your dog is cute!

  2. You're too funny. Miss ya!

  3. It's a bit over the top but I know my big girl would LOVE this for herself. She gets so excited if you tell her anything is specifically hers. "This is your bed, your couch, your room, your crate" she dances - this would make her 10 times happier than I've ever seen her I'm sure!


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