bringing in the fall


i finished decorating for fall today.  i didn’t do much and i definitely didn’t spend a lot of money, but i think that it turned out quite nicely and it will last through thanksgiving.

here’s our dining table center piece.  i got the monogrammed pumpkin idea from layla over at the lettered cottage.  such a cute idea.  i picked up a 1/2 yard of burlap from the fabric store and cut it to just fit under the arrangement.  without the burlap it didn’t have anything to ground it.

in our pass-thru archway that leads to the kitchen i used an old tray and and placed a jar candle and some leaves inside of it.  i didn’t like how the jar’s label was showing so i used leaves and raffia to cover it up.



our entryway is more like a long hallway but it is big enough for us to have a part shelf, part table .  i added a hurricane vase filled with limbs from our dogwood trees that are a lovely shade of red-orange right now. 

i had a couple of brown pillar candles that i bought earlier in the year so i wrapped them in leaves and raffia and placed them on the table too.  i’m not a huge fan of raffia but for this project it worked.

for the very last little project i used a vase that i had in the house and added some of the left-over dogwood limbs to it.  i placed it on top of painted shelves that we have in our kitchen.  we also got a halloween card from a friend last week so i added that up there too.  it’s simple but it works.

and that’s it.  the house is decorated for fall.  can’t wait until i can decorate for christmas though.


  1. love the leaves/raffia idea and intend to copy!! yes, Layla is good BUT I tend to love your style more :) Happy Fall!

  2. Did you buy a white pumpkin or paint it?


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