Brizo Fashion Week


A few weeks ago I got a little email in my inbox letting me know that the people from Brizo, a faucet and bathroom accessories company, wanted to invite me (along with a select group of interior designers and bloggers) to New York City for Fashion Week.  I was thrilled at the opportunity and graciously accepted.  So off to NYC I went to meet up with the group. 


Brizo put us up in total style at the Eventi hotel in Chelsea.  They also gave us a really cool tote filled with goodies.  The first night I flew in late because of my filming schedule.  I made it into the city just in time to meet a few of my fellow Brizo Blogger 19 friends before turning it in for the evening. 

The next morning we all met again for an informative and interactive session about Brizo’s brand, their design processes and trend forecasts for the upcoming year. It was so interesting to see how their faucets are created and where the Brizo team gets their inspiration from.


We even got to see a few prototypes that will be coming out next year.  Can’t show those to you yet but you will definitely want to watch for them in 2014.  It was amazing to see the full like of products in person in multiple finishes.  I’m used to mostly seeing them online. 


From there we went to a brief session with Elle D├ęcor on the 42nd floor of the Hearst Tower.  Then we got a tour of the whole building.  The views were breathtaking.



After the Hearst tour we went around the corner to a cooking class at Sur La Table.  This was the highlight of the trip for me.  I had never been to a cooking class before.  It was so much fun.  Definitely something I’ll be doing again.


We made 3 pasta dishes and I had some amazing cooking mates.


From Left to Right – Me, Laura Bielecki, Yvonne Blacker, and Donna Hall.

Now for the sad part of the trip.  Unfortunately, due to the blizzard that hit the East coast, I had to cut my trip short.  I was sad to go and especially sad to miss the Jason Wu fashion show and cocktail party.  From reading all the tweets and blogs I know that all of my Brizo friends had a blast at both of the events. Although I missed the last day of the trip, I still was so thrilled to be able to spend the first part of the trip with all of the wonderful people from the Brizo brand

Disclaimer: As a guest of the Brizo brand, my airfare and travel expenses have been comp'd.


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