A Winner and the Reveal


The winner of the lovely pillows from The Taylor Galen Workroom is EKL Designs.  I don’t have your email address though so please send me an email at charmhomedesign[at]gmail[dot]com.


There was also another winner…US!  We won the viewer’s choice for the best window display from Window’s on Design.  Here’s a look at our window design.  We can finally reveal it on the blog.  A few of you may have seen it last week when I briefly revealed it then took it down.  Whoopsy…I didn’t realize I wasn’t supposed to reveal it until after it was down. 

Exterior Shot




-Only a few more weeks until I start shooting the regular season of my new show on HGTV.  I’ve been crazy busy with the team designing, planning and purchasing for this season…hence, the lack of posting lately.  I can’t wait to tell you all more details about it!! 

xo, Cristi

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  1. Hi, Cristi, as commented in your last post, I really loved this window the best, it was so exciting and edgy, and different, and I believe that was the point! Congrats on a new HGTV show, had no idea, but really fantastic!

  2. LOVE your window display!! I can see why you won viewers choice award!

  3. wow. I love your display, and I am so proud of you about your show. You are on fire!

  4. The window display looks amazing. Congrats on the show!

  5. Congratulations. I had my picture taken in your window at Regalo: http://flic.kr/p/aFgAEy

  6. What a great window design, it would definitely catch my attention!

  7. I could stare at that display for every. Definitely captivating and deserving of a win!! Looking forward to seeing you light up the HGTV set! You rock!


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