Fall Wardrobe Round-up


This fall you’ll be seeing me in…

fall fashion1 copy

fall fashion 2

fall fashion 3

fall fashion 4

fall fashion 5

[all images via Pinterest]

What’s your fave Fall fashion trend?

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  1. Hey girl!! I hope you and the family are doing well! Comfort and style is my fall theme. I want some really comfortable riding boots next... And I want to win the lottery so I can have the other 1,000 things on my fall list...

  2. LOVE it all. We have very similar taste in fashion. I need some skinny jeans, but finding them for "curvy" body types is hard. I'm also loving the really short ankle boots this season. Must have!

  3. Hi Cristi! Is it possible to find out the store for some of these? I want quite a few!! Have a great day, Debi


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