Moving Day


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Hi Everyone, First of all let me say THANK YOU so much for all of your sweet comments about my baby bump.  It seems like it has doubled in size since I took that photo a little over 3 weeks ago.  I'll be sure to post another one soon. 

We've been getting ready for the move into our new house for what seems like months now.  It was actually only a month from the time we put in an offer to the time that we closed last Friday.  We've been running on total adrenaline ever since we closed though.  The removal of the wallpaper in the new den area has been the worst part of the whole experience, but it should all be over with today.  Our official move in date is this coming Friday.  We still have a ton to get done before that happens.  I wish I had some cute vintage suitecases to pack my things in like the picture above, but cardboard boxes seem to make things much easier.  I'll probably be MIA for a few more weeks until we get everything somewhat situated in the new place.  I'll be back with pictures of it as soon as possible.  Until then, please pray that I can keep my sanity before, during and after the move, and also keep this baby inside of me.  The last thing we need is an early arrival...for his sake and for ours. 



  1. many exciting things happening for you! Congrats on it all. I look forward to hearing all about the move, seeing pictures of the new house, hearing about how you are feeling and the all the future plans....exciting stuff is in the air...make sure you pace yourself and take lots of little mini breaks!

  2. Good luck with your move and take good care of yourself through it all! Many good things on the horizon...enjoy it all!

  3. So many exciting things! Thinking of you and try not to do too much!

  4. You be easy Mommy! Good luck with everything and can't wait to see whacha got in store!

  5. "...removal of the wallpaper ... has been the worst part of the whole experience" I hope that's over for y'all. Just mentioning it triggers nightmares at our house.

  6. So many exciting things in store for you...and perfect that you are pregnant so you can do a lot of pointing and no lifting!! Good luck with the move!

  7. Cristi...glad you are feeling better...a move and being pregnant is tough. I know you will be excited to start the new place.

  8. Good luck with everything, stay in touch. :)

  9. I just discovered your cool blog.How cute are you?
    Congratulations on your new home and upcoming baby!!!! It's a very exciting time in your life right now! We are kindred spirits:

    We just moved too. We moved from right outside of Washington, DC to Raleigh, NC. I am having a ball decorating our home. I had a great time staging our home up in Northern Virginia too.

    Happy decorating! Good luck with all of the new things in your life right now.


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