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atlanta hli am absolutely loving the cover of atlanta homes and lifestyles magazine this month because of the amazing fabric covered walls.  my heart sang when this magazine came in the mail and i saw the lovely cover. 


{image – atlanta homes and lifestyles}

the michael devine fretwork fabric that womack jowers used on the walls is to die for.  don’t you love it too?!!!

guest post at a curated lifestyle


today i’m guest blogging over at a curated lifestyle while capella gets geared up for the atlanta homes & lifestyles christmas house.  i’m showing some of my favorite fall-inspired interiors so head on over and get in the fall mood.  click here to go to the post.

i hope you all have a very blessed Thanksgiving wherever you may be.  Safe travels to everyone.

at a homegoods near you


before i start my post i just want to say how much i appreciate all of your sweet comments and congratulations about my pregnancy.  i feel so blessed to be able to share this news with you. i cannot wait to start the nursery design process.  there will be much more to come as the months pass.  xoxo!


today i took a shopping trip to one of my favorite places to get inexpensive home accessories…homegoods.  shopping for accessories in retail stores around the holidays is one of my most favorite and least favorite things to do.  let me explain…i love shopping for christmas decorations and presents during the holidays, but this time of year christmas decor takes up half of homegoods.  there ends up being so little regular accessories to choose from, so when i’m shopping for a client’s home it becomes very difficult. 

today though, i found some great pieces while i was out.  i had my cell with me so i snapped a few pics. 

loved these oversized embroidered suzani pillows.

2010-11-23_11-30-38_2792010-11-23_11-30-59_889one of the best finds was these nail head oversized storage boxes from global views.  these retail for around $500 and i found a green set at homegoods for less than $180.

hg cube how cute are these little foo dogs!!

HG foo hg foo2

i wanted to take these cute little night stands home with me…even though i have no place for them.

hg nstd

this last table is gorgeous.  at $200 on clearance it’s a total steal. 

hg table

i couldn’t resist getting one thing for myself.  i snagged this cute little guy for $10.  if you think he looks familiar it’s probably because you’ve seen him at z.gallerie for about $20.  i’m thinking about using him in the nursery.  i’ll have to see once the design comes together. 


big “little” news!!!


a few weeks ago in one of my posts i said i had been quite busy personally as well as professionally which had caused me to do quite a few less blog posts than usual.  well, i’m actually glad that i can now let you all in on my little, itty bitty personal secret that has been the main reason for my lack in posts.




13 weeks along and due on june 1st to be exact, and i couldn’t be more excited about it! 

cool-baby-nursery-designs-560x428i’m just as excited to be out of the first trimester and over the tiredness and morning sickness.  tired doesn’t even begin to describe how i felt during the first 12 weeks of my pregnancy.  i think my ob said it perfectly…”feeling like you’ve been hit by a bus is pretty normal.”  wow, there were some days where it was all i could do to be able to keep my eyes open while driving home from an appointment with a client or from shopping.  i finally started to pull out of the tiredness and my morning sickness started to subside at the end of week 11. 

6a00e552a57e1f88330133ee4d73bc970b-800wi {image – here}

i’ve been designing lots of nurseries lately and i’m really excited to get to design a nursery for my own little one.  i’ve already got some ideas, but i’m waiting to find out if my little peanut is a girl or boy before i make my final decisions and share the design with you all. 

6a01156e5d7bde970c0120a7f58470970b-400wi {image – here}


{image – domino}

since this is my first time being pregnant, i don’t really know what to expect as far as how i will feel during the rest of the pregnancy.  hopefully i will feel great, but i really have no clue how it will play out.  i’ll try to post as much as i can, but it’s been pretty tough so far.  i usually write my blog posts in the evening and reserve my days for my clients.  i’ve been so tired in the evenings, though, and it’s been really hard to keep up with the blog as well as respond to emails and comments.  please be patient if you have emailed me or if you’ve posted a comment.  i promise i will respond as soon as i can.   



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over the weekend billy and i were here…

{unfortunately…not my image.  photo credit here}

we took a weekend getaway trip to NYC!!!  it was amazing.  we had an absolute blast.  we got in from our trip late this evening, and i’m a very tired lady.  i’ll be back with a regular blog on tuesday.  until then, i’m going to take a big long nap.

hope you all had a very fun weekend too! 

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i was thrilled to see that the model home that i designed a few months ago is being featured at  the talented erika ward from blulabel bungalow was so sweet to write the article. 

CR 14

to read the full article, “houzz tour: a super model case study”, click here.

in the mood for fall


this image totally puts me in the mood for fall.  it's one of the prettiest tablescapes i have seen this season.

lavish, the unconference

Lavish Unconference

i’m so excited about the upcoming Lavish! conference here in atlanta.  for those of you who haven’t heard about Lavish! let me give you a quick rundown.

if you are a social media enthusiast Lavish! is the place to be during the weekend of december 10th-12th.  “Lavish! will be a highly interactive environment geared toward fostering education and networking in the lifestyle social media community.”

there are a number of sessions throughout the 3 day Lavish! “unconference”.  i’ll be speaking on a panel along with fellow bloggers erika ward and capella kincheloe at one of the sessions.  we’ll be dishing on interiors and the internet: unlocking the secrets to success in blogging and social media efforts.  to check out the full list of speakers and sessions click here.

I hope to see you there!

to get more information about Lavish! stay connected through these links:

Lavish! conference website

Lavish! on Twitter

Lavish! on Facebook


on the coast


hi everyone, some of you who are used to my 4 to 5 posts a week may be wondering where i’ve been.  i’ve had a lot going on in my personal life as well as professionally.  it’s just been hard to find time to write some blog posts.  i’ll hopefully be back to a steady pace of writing and reading other blogs really soon though.  i’ve missed it so much!


i recently had a reader write to me requesting that i post some ideas for coastal design.  i’ve found myself wishing i was at the beach a lot lately…especially since winter has finally hit atlanta.  i actually saw sleet, yes i did say SLEET, while i was leaving the atlanta airport on friday, and i couldn’t believe it!  so, i figured now would be a great time to post pictures of coastal homes.  it’s also a great time to dream about being stranded in one of these beautiful homes.


vision-white-l coastal living personal-style-l coastal living the art above the island is from atlanta based sugarboo designs.  i think every coastal home should have a touch of sugarboo in it.

white-6-l coastal living

our-nautical-bar-l coastal living

loving this make-shift coastal bar.

tbh-bed-15-l coastal living

coastal living rug

master-bath-l coastal living

unknown trunks under the bed are such clever storage idea.

tbh-bed-5-l coastal living tbh-bed-4-l coastal living

mikkelson-guestroom-l coastal living net canopies add a little romance to any coastal bedroom.

{all images – coastal living}

hopefully these images helped you daydream about being at the beach too.  happy monday!

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