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hi everyone, some of you who are used to my 4 to 5 posts a week may be wondering where i’ve been.  i’ve had a lot going on in my personal life as well as professionally.  it’s just been hard to find time to write some blog posts.  i’ll hopefully be back to a steady pace of writing and reading other blogs really soon though.  i’ve missed it so much!


i recently had a reader write to me requesting that i post some ideas for coastal design.  i’ve found myself wishing i was at the beach a lot lately…especially since winter has finally hit atlanta.  i actually saw sleet, yes i did say SLEET, while i was leaving the atlanta airport on friday, and i couldn’t believe it!  so, i figured now would be a great time to post pictures of coastal homes.  it’s also a great time to dream about being stranded in one of these beautiful homes.


vision-white-l coastal living personal-style-l coastal living the art above the island is from atlanta based sugarboo designs.  i think every coastal home should have a touch of sugarboo in it.

white-6-l coastal living

our-nautical-bar-l coastal living

loving this make-shift coastal bar.

tbh-bed-15-l coastal living

coastal living rug

master-bath-l coastal living

unknown trunks under the bed are such clever storage idea.

tbh-bed-5-l coastal living tbh-bed-4-l coastal living

mikkelson-guestroom-l coastal living net canopies add a little romance to any coastal bedroom.

{all images – coastal living}

hopefully these images helped you daydream about being at the beach too.  happy monday!


  1. Fantastic images. That bar is the best!!

  2. Great collection of images! I miss you! lets get together soon :)


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