go jump in the lake


over the weekend billy and i headed over to historic grant park to the 8th annual summer shade festival.  it was a gorgeous day and we were loving the slightly cooler weather.  the highlight of my day was getting to see the booth belonging to the local art company “go jump in the lake.” 

imagei’ve used their rustic signs in the past and have always loved them.  most recently i used one of their “lake” signs in a model home’s nursery.

DSC06592DSC06584 DSC06585

{images – charm home}

all of their signs are hand crafted and made to look like they’ve been exposed to the elements for years. 

lake 1

their signs with quotes on them are my fave.


lake 2

lake 3

i loved the wall of local atlanta neighborhood signs too.  it really reminded me how many great historic neighborhoods atlanta has.

lake 4

if you get a chance check out their website or purchase a sign from their etsy shop.


  1. I haven't heard of them before but I am going to check out their website now!

  2. I sent the AT-Auxiliary (my daughters) to Grant Park but they didn't say anything about the signs. I when artists design customize for what clients like. So when Steve Penley does UGA, I salute.

  3. i LOVE these signs!!! i may get one for the nursery!!!

  4. That is hilarious, I saw your tweet on this, Atlanta Art Vendor Go Jump in the Lake, and I thought you were all upset with someone, then I found this sweet post!

  5. Signs are very cool! I like the yellow sunshine one!


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