i’ve been waiting so long to get a new phone.  ever since i got my blackberry storm last year i’ve been nothing but unhappy.  well, no longer am i an unhappy girl because my new droid x  just came in the mail today!!!! 

imagethat being said, i’m taking tonight off to figure it all out.  i’m really new to the world of apps because my blackberry didn’t have enough storage to use them.  so, if you have any suggestions for fun apps i’d love to hear them.

i’m also working on my post about the atlanta market.  i took a ton of pictures so i’m having a hard time weeding through them.  i did want to post at least one though so hear is my favorite thing that i saw at market.  LOVE. IT.

this amazing chandelier is from regina andrew.


  1. hey cristi--let me know how you like the droid!

  2. I love when I get a new phone! I play on it nonstop for about a week!!

  3. You are right, that chandy is amazing! Lovin that cool turquoise and rusty gold combo. I can't wait to see the market post Cristi.

  4. My friend just got that phone. Have fun with it! That chandelier is amazing.

  5. heey cristi! my dad just got this phone and he loves it... he called me bragging about it last night! ;-)


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