my dream kitchen


if i could build my dream kitchen i would build one with very few or no upper cabinets.  i like the look of shelving but think i could do without them completely.  while i was browsing through my kitchen inspiration files i realized how many kitchens i have saved that don’t have upper cabinets.

celebrity-homes-photos-meg-ryan-03 elle decor {meg ryan’s home in elle decor}

i love the task lights above the sink in this kitchen.

Adrian Kahan's home Ralph Lauren elle decore

{elle decor}

so pretty.  this one is neck and neck with my favorite one.



{elle decor}


{elle decor}

Home: white open plan kitchen, dining area, room; stools, table, window, steel flooring, pendant light, cooker . Modern rustic. Pub orig L etc 11/2005 p86 Real home

{living etc}





and my favorite…

ellen-pompeo-hollywood-home-ED0510-04 elle decor {ellen pompeo’s home in elle decor}


  1. To me it's the view FROM the kitchen rather than the view OF the kitchen. So I like your {unknown} picture.

    I prefer the kitchen to disappear and not having upper cabinets really helps if you have the space.

  2. Love all of these! So glad to have found your is fun to find local blogs! We have open shelving and I love it...don't miss the cabinets a bit.

  3. I am with Terry on the unknown, and I will say that all of these have that European feel about them. kiss-kiss!

  4. Lovely kitchen. I'm a recent newly wed and we're in the process of moving into our house and I would LOVE a kitchen like one of these. I particularly like how the sixth picture down has a combined traditional and modern feel to it.

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  6. This is a really cool post. I love this kitchen. It is completely the style that would fit profile oven control panel reset


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