red and blue and better with two


recently, a reader sent me a request for some inspiration pictures including twin beds with a red and turquoise color scheme.  i scoured my inspiration files and the internet and came up with a few photos for her. 

i didn’t find too many with both red and turquoise, but i did find quite a few with variations of the colors. {unfortunately many of my inspiration files aren’t labeled so if you know the source of any of the “unknowns” please let me know so that i can give the proper credit.}


{source unknown}

domino red and blue bedroom


source unknown

{source unknown}


{pb teen}

country living

{country living}

twin beds martha stewart

{martha stewart}

jeff andrews design guest room twin beds canopy light blue walls slipcovered side chairs

{jeff andrews}

{source unknown}




{source unknown}


{brooke giannetti}

Barrie Benson {barrie benson}

{little green notebook}

and lastly, one of my favorite rooms of all time.



  1. That was just delightful. Your all time fave pushed my buttons too. I like the pink with bears and blue curtains.

  2. WOW! Lovely rooms you have posted.

    Paula M

  3. Thank you for giving me an idea. This'll be perfect for my home


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