my win and someone else’s giveaway


over easter weekend billy and i went out of town to visit my mom.  when we got back i was so excited to see that i had a package left for me.  this little package was an original painting by angela that i won in a giveaway from the painted house blog.  it is an amazing work of art!  i love it.  yay me!  i placed it on my entry table until i figure out exactly where i want to put it.  i’m seriously thinking i need to create a gallery wall somewhere in my home.  thanks for having the giveaway angela.  i’m so excited that i won.



while we are talking about giveaways i thought i would tell you about one going on over at life + style blog.  dayka has reached her 100th post and in honor of this milestone she has a giveaway going on.  congrats dayka!! if you’re wondering what she’s giving away here’s a little hint for you.Left of Center Address Stamp (Self-Inking)head on over to her blog to enter…click here.


  1. Did you just post this...I'm looking at the time. I promise, I'm not stalking you--ha! :)

    Thank you so much for the kind words. I hope you continue to enjoy Be. I'm so happy that you won!

  2. Congratulations on winning! Hope you had a good Easter weekend ;)


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