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i was flipping through my new elle decor over just now and something caught my attention.  it was all the oversized floral arrangements shown in most of the articles.  i say if you are going to have florals in your house…go natural and go big.  just clip something out of your yard and throw it in a large vase.  spring is the best time to do this because there is always something blooming.  of course, as you’ll see in the images below, leafy stems can be just as beautiful.  i think small floral arrangements have their place in every home too, but oversized arrangements can add amazing drama to any room.







{all images – elle decor}

i hope that you all enjoyed your weekend as much as i did.  it was gorgeous in atlanta.  hopefully the weather was great wherever you were too! 

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  1. I love these images! And thanks! Why? For reassuring me that mine are not too large!

  2. i totally agree! i love the idea of adding life (literally) to the room. it also makes for cleaner air. hope you had a great weekend...lovely pics!

  3. yes! the grand scale of clippings adds such drama to a room...beautiful photos!


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