i thought i’d give you guys a break from my guest room.  i’ll do the post on the crown moulding a little later.

1429e3120dd7319653247170a8acda89kay doglass’ home {atlanta homes and lifestyle} 

last week i took a little trip over to south of market (som) in buckhead.  it’s located right next door to adac.  south of market is one of my FAVORITE design stores here in atlanta.  kay douglass has filled it with antiques from belgium and france as well as unique re-purposed industrial artifacts.  they have amazing upholstery and lighting too.  the prices are a little more than i can personally afford but the inspiration is priceless.

i won’t say much of anything else.  i’ll just let the my pictures speak for themselves.  swoon with me, won’t you??


south of market has recently started a blog.  so welcome them to the blog world and give them some bloggy love by checking it out.  click here for their blog.


  1. Good heavens, I'd like at least half of what I saw.

  2. I have been trying for years to take pictures for them :) I'm excited about their new blog :)

  3. Great to have another Atlanta blog. But something about SOM keeps it from clicking with me. I like the individual pieces just fine. All together it confuses me. I think I need a lesson.

  4. this is one of my favorite stores. i want to buy everything any it. i've never had the client where their style fits. maybe one of these days.

  5. SOM is one of my favorite stores in Atlanta. I love the neutral color palette. I wish the VaHi location was still open as it carried a great selection of books and smaller pieces that aren't at the Peachtree Hills location.

  6. It is SUCH a source of frustration that I live right across the street from ADAC on Peachtree Hills, but I'm not allowed to go in because I'm not a designer! I sometimes go shove my nose against their windows.

    Last year their annual sample sale wasn't open to the public. I hope they relent this year. I will never stop kicking myself for walking away from some furniture the first time I visited that sale...

  7. I'm a fan of SOM--good to know that they have a blog, too. Thanks!


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