our guest room (lots more progress)


instead of my regular friday “loving…” post i thought i would do a post on our guest room.  i still have a few more projects to finish in there, but it’s come such a long way from where it started.  i am seriously embarrassed to show you the before picture.  i’m going to do it anyway though because it makes the after look that much better.  {please don’t judge my designing abilities by the before picture.  this room was like the stepchild that i seriously neglected for a LONG time}

DSC02909 here is a picture after i painted my furniture and did some accessorizing.  it still needed a lot of work though.


and here is what it looks like now.  i love it!  i still need to get some small nightstands and art and fix our headboard/frame (you can read about that here) but it’s so much better than before and the extra closet space is seriously a lifesaver.

  i thought the before and after pictures would be good for this post.  next week i’ll do a couple of tutorials to let you know how i diy’d it all.

i’m so ready for the weekend.  we have friends coming into town and a wedding to go to.  oh yeah, we are also going to a st. patty’s day festival on saturday and celebrating billy’s birthday one day early on sunday.  needless to say we will be very busy but it will be a fun weekend! 


  1. ...and how many times a day do you stand in the doorway and sigh?! It looks dreamy, lucky guests.

  2. Very serene and beautiful. Your guests are very lucky.

  3. What a great window. Am I seeing it right: You built curtained closets on either side of the window so the headboard sit is a little niche. That is double clever: extra architectural interest and storage space in one project. This is where crown molding cutting was an issue?

  4. Hi, Cristi!

    I've recently found your blog--I'm an Atlanta girl, too. :)

    I love your disclaimer at the top of the post--ha! Clever storage solution and such a serene space now.

  5. Love this!! It looks so welcoming now- so clean and fresh. Like a room I could move right in to :)


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