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valentine’s day is only a couple weeks away.  have you got fun plans?  dinner with that special someone?  maybe a fun get together with your girlfriends?  well whatever you have planned i hope you have a blast.  billy made plans for us to go to kevin rathbun steak and i’m sooooo excited about it.  he made them well in advance so that we for sure were able to get them {he’s such a great husband}. 

since we’ll be eating at a restaurant we aren’t in need of a pretty centerpiece. stacy, one of my dear readers, commented on a post the other day though and said she was interested in seeing some fun centerpiece ideas. she is having a valentine’s day girl’s luncheon with her friends.  well, stacy, i looked around and found some really cute ones so take your pick and be sure to send me pictures of the one you actually use. 

here are some simple but sweet centerpieces that are so easy to make yourself. 

for unique place card holders take sweetheart roses and wrap them with scalloped tissue paper.  then place them in a small glass vase.  for a matching centerpiece glue sweetheart roses to the top of a red or pink gift box.

la99155_0202_heartboxes_xledit la99155_0202_heartboxes_xledit2

to save money you could use carnations like the ones seen in the photo below instead.

mld103117_0208_posie_xl images {martha stewart}

for a very inexpensive centerpiece, take small potted plants and place them in small paper lunch bags that have hearts cut into them.  to add an extra touch, place them all together on a tray like the vintage wire tray seen in the photo below.

tvs7842_l {martha stewart}

to make the centerpiece seen below, take a piece of floral foam and cut it into a heart.  then soak it in water and insert roses into the top.  use leftover leaves and small pins to cover the outside of the foam up.  place the arrangement on a pretty platter in the center of the table.

ss_BKS043067 {bhg}

how cute is this ornament tree covered with paper heart ornaments!  tie the ornaments on with small pieces of ribbon or clip them on with small clips.  wrap small boxes with valentine wrapping paper and place them below the ornament tree.

ss_CTH632057 {bhg}

here are some more centerpieces that can be made by your local florist or if you are really good with arranging flowers you could try to make them yourself.

ss_100115973 {bhg}


{martha stewart}

i love the use of red hots and hearts in the bottom of the vase in the two arrangements below.


a100134_0204_tulip3a_xl images {martha stewart}

grab flowers from your local florist and put them in unique vases to add a simple touch to your table.

ss_CTH631160 ss_100011609

images {bhg}

what are some of your valentine’s day plans?


  1. I love the arrangements with the candy base! Soo cute! I wouldn't mind waking up to one of those in the morning! :)

  2. Thanks for the picture collection! I am starting to get excited too! I love the pink flowers in the blue vase.

  3. These are great ideas.. and easy to do.. Thanks Cristi.. :)

  4. Thanks so much for sharing! I'll be sure to send pics after my luncheon on Saturday!


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